Bright White Light – Illingworth, Halifax-17th December 2016

Location of Sighting: Illingworth, Halifax
Date of Sighting: 17/ 12/16
Time: 5.45
Witness Name: Julie Ackroyd
Witness Statement: I was out exercising my two dogs yesterday. It was a calm, very clear evening with not a lot of cloud cover. I was making my way home through the streets when a bright white light made me look up to the sky above the houses to my right. The light was a lot bigger than the aeroplane lights that we sometimes see passing over and in was only there very briefly. it disappeared and in its place I saw 2 lights of very bright red and green joined together. They were quite a distance up in the sky and they moved very fast upwards and then back down in a matter of seconds. This zig zagging up and down happened 4 times before it disappeared from my view. I am very perplexed at what I witnessed. I walk my dogs every evening and have never seen anything like it. When I got home I was describing what I had seen to my husband and he told me he had seen the bright white light moving very slowly across the sky and said it was not an air liner. He did not see the red and green lights.


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Updated: January 13, 2017 — 3:40 pm

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