Bright White Light – Little Harrowden Northamptonshire-1990

Location of Sighting: Little Harrowden Northamptonshire
Date of Sighting: 1990
Time: 8pm
Witness Name: John
Witness Statement: It was a clear cold night, it was dark, I was walking up westfield road when I saw a bright white light moving across the sky, my thought was a light airplane with its cabin light on which was nothing out of the ordinary as we are close to Sywell airport. but after watching it I notice no engine noise, seconds later it shoots straight up which is when I hear then see two jets following its flight path and going straight up at the same point, i know these to be jets as there afterburners came on as the went nearly vertical following the light, this happened somewhere between 1988 and 1993 I now can not be sure of the exact year


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Updated: January 31, 2017 — 5:07 pm

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  1. update it would of been between 1990- 1991 (this i my sighting)

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