Bright White Light – South Sheffield-1997

Location of Sighting: South Sheffield
Date of Sighting: 1997
Time: 22.00
Witness Name: Keith Axelby
Witness Statement: On our way back home one very dark evening, we were driving through Catcliffe and I saw a bright white light high in the night sky.

Pulled over and we both got out of the car and watched it. It was very bright and very high and stationary. We watched it for several minutes then it started moving fast.

What really grabbed me was it was like when a you try to swot a fly and it can instantly change direction.

This was what the light was doing, suddenly changing direction 90%. This went on for a couple of minutes then it disappeared.

As far as height is are concerned I can only estimate about 4 or 5 times higher than what light aircraft fly over a city. Difficult to judge on a dark night looking straight up.

The speed it changed direction I would say is impossible for any flying aircraft I know of.


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Updated: January 31, 2017 — 5:16 pm

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  1. I saw this object too. Me and a friend from chesterfield were on our way back in the car from Shelley village and was travelling to chesterfield via Sheffield when we encountered this bright light object right outside Ernest thorpes truck yard. We stopped the car and got out to observe it. We lost 2 hours of time we cannot account for but recall nothing. Glad I saw this post…brings it all back.

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