Brighton-5th November 2011

Location of Sighting: Brighton, UK
Date of Sighting: 5th November 2011
Time: 9.00
Witness Name: Lisa Mcsorley

Witness Statement: i was watching fireworks from my sons bedroom window as we have a great view over brighton and hove. Then there was a round disc like object with lights which climbed into the clouds at a really bizzare angle and speed. it was definately not a firework as its shape was so clear. very keen to know if anyone else saw it.


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Updated: November 6, 2011 — 9:25 pm


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  1. i saw the same thing in lewes but it was three lights which went together then flashed individualy and then just disappeared with a final big flash scarey shit

  2. Yes I saw it in Sussex. We had fireworks in our back garden (so must have been at a similar time) in St Leonards and saw an orange light move across the sky. It was moving too slowly to be a plane but too quickly to be a comet. At one point it slowed right down and it became apparent that it hadn’t slowed but changed direction and was now moving away from us.

    Had none of the indicators that would have said it was a plane or helicopter etc.

  3. also saw 3 bright red lights together (horizontally) in the sky in Seaford, November 5th. I was looking out the window at the fireworks and saw it hovering in the sky, moving towards the sea very slowly, before disappearing.

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