Brighton, East Sussex-26th July 2009

Location of Sighting: Brighton
Date of Sighting: 26th July 2009
Time: 21.30
Witness Name: Linda

Witness Statement: I noticed a orange light in the sky, out the window so went over and looked. It was a bright orange ball with a glow travelling quite low in the sky. I told my friend and we went out the back garden, it came over our house and carried on North East towards London way. It was not a lantern as it was travelling fast, like the speed of a plane or faster. Also, it was travelling in a very straight line, like a plane. There was hardly any wind that night. The ball did not flash or do anything unusual, it simply travelled on by!!! I have never seen anything like this before and it was very strange!!!!! Did anyone else see anything like that on the same night??

Source: Direct request on UK-UFO

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Updated: July 27, 2009 — 8:56 pm

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