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Bristol-10th December 2013

Location of Sighting: Bristol
Date of Sighting: 10/12/13
Time: 2:55 AM
Witness Name: Nathan

Witness Statement:I woke up to a humming sound and looked out my bedroom window when everything went silent. I then see a very slow moving light with other coloured flashing lights which would not flash in a specific order. I called my friend who was sleeping downstairs to look outside my dining room window when she did she was amazed at what she saw. It could stay in the sky without any movement just hovering still as can be.

We both kept repeating to each other on the phone ?Oh my god do you see that? every time it would change direction circling the sky around 8 times. It moved across the sky coming towards us and go further from us whilst also being able to maneuver left and right which i have never seen in an aircraft before. We saw two flashes before we watched the UFO hover down landing behind some houses.


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Updated: December 11, 2013 — 10:31 pm


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  1. Hi Nathan,
    The first rational explanation to this may be some sort of lit LED type craft – many of these seem to be being mis-identified as UFO’s! Perhaps even more so as it was making a humming noise and as you saw it go down behind some houses. – The two flashes may (possibly) have been camera flashes?? -Paul

  2. I hate to disappoint but, again, it’s likely someone having fun with a quadcopter. They are very popular at the moment.

  3. I think I would check with the Police helicopter team.

  4. Maybe the Police LED Quadcopter taking photos?

  5. “Maybe the Police LED Quadcopter taking photos?”

    Your misguided sarcasm may actually be on the button; many police forces across the UK use remote control surveillance drones

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