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Bromley, Kent-1st March 2009

Location of Sighting: Bromley, Kent
Date of Sighting: 1st March 2009
Time: 7pm
Witness: Micky F

Witness Statement: bromley kent 2009 march 1st around 7pm, i have footage of 3 orange lights that looked like suns in a triangle shape. all disapearred one after the other then another one came after and disapeared where they did. i got it on cam!and i had a plane fly over my house. i live on an estate.this never happens normally.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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Updated: March 6, 2009 — 7:12 pm


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  1. Thanks to Micky for send in this sighting report.Hopefully we can get Mick to send in his video footage to share with our readers.
    Andy-Sightings Editor

  2. I work at a company on bromley high street as an out of hours IT Technician.
    1/3/2009 – btw 2 & 3am.
    A colleague and I were working thru the night. I saw a light outside in the night. I turned sideways to catch a 2 second glimpse of a bluish green ball of light, dropping in fast but controlled speed behind the shopping mall. I turned to my colleague and we both said “WTF”. We were highly intrigued and excited but we didn’t go out to investigate. It just seemed to good to be true. We have both been curious since but thats all it has been curiosity. WHAT COULD THAT HAVE BEEN – WHAT COULD THIS MEAN???????????????????

  3. Donny Lachiffonniere

    I will be very interested to see Micky K’s footage because I believe he has described something I saw, also in Bromley, approximately between 21:00-22:00pm on Friday April 24th. They were three round orange lights in a horizontal line that were stationary in the night sky. At first I thought they were stationary because they were moving forward at the same relative rate I was walking forward. However when I stood still I realised the lights actually were motionless in the sky, perfectly still and seemingly at an altitude that a passenger plane would be at. I really wanted to stay and watch them but I had to see my girlfriend who was ill at the time. When I placed my belongings in her flat and returned to the spot outside the lights had gone.

  4. My mother was out walking her dogs, in early May, and saw one light, that she thought was a plane. Instead, it almost followed a “zig-zag” across the sky and then flew away at a great speed, upwards.

  5. That sounds great i live in Hayes so know the area very well is this footage posted anywhere?

    Nice one mickey for catching it on film

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