Broughton Park , Flintshire – 26th November 2013

Location of Sighting: Broughton Park flintshire (Wales)
Date of Sighting: 26/11/13
Time: 5:40pm
Witness Name: Louis and Tracey

Witness Statement: Well on are way out of Broughton Park we were driving down the road when all out of nowhere a weird cluster of green and red lights come straight over the road almost touching the trees ( legally too low for it to be a helicopter / plane flying by ) anyway as we drove more down the road we looked the way is was going and saw nothing no plane no helicopter nothing and this was creepy as we were not the only people who had seen this thing fly over are heads as are friend ( who was in a second car) had also seen it.


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Updated: November 27, 2013 — 8:53 pm


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  1. Hi Louis & Tracey,
    Interesting report, first thoughts may be a drone or LED lit small craft – these seem to be being increasingly frequently used and may be a cause of some false UFO sightings! -Paul

  2. I also saw this last night on the way home from bretton but unfortunately it was a plane. I tracked it coming from Hope way and it approached hawarden airport over the usual route. to be fair it was travelling very slowly but definitely a plane.

  3. This sounds like a quadcopter or a similar remote-controlled vehicle with LED lights. They’re becoming so common it’s almost a waste of time commenting on reports of coloured lights in the sky. Of course, I could be totally wrong 😉

  4. Not near an airfield like Harwarden Airport. Which incidentally, was right next to your position.

    Mind you some commenters on this site will say the aliens are getting very crafty, using red and green nav lights to disguise themselves. Little devils.

  5. Are you sure it was so low? If so how can you gage height.
    There was an EasyJet flight at that time, that changes course twice just south of your location, although it was at 28,000ft – Faro to Newcastle. Several other flight around you ten minutes either side of your sighting!!!

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