Buckinghamshire-26th May 2012

Location of Sighting: Buckinghamshire
Date of Sighting: 26th May 2012
Time: 09.50am
Witness Name: Caroline Allen

Witness Statement: I had just bought the planefinder app and was in my garden looking up at a crystal clear blue sky when I noticed a very, very distant curved, white moon shape. At first I thought it was the moon but then could just detect with the naked eye that the shape seemed slightly fuzzy at the edges. This was extremely high up and in the South West sky. I fetched my binoculars and through these it was evident that the shifting edges seemed to be being caused by something like vapour clouds being emitted under tremendous pressure both left and right of a central core. The object was not moving – I used an apple tree branch in relation to the far object to judge any movement. It was not easy to see and my judgement would be that this thing was way beyond any cruising airline height. There were no clouds in the sky that day anywhere around. It remained in place for 4 – 5 minutes and then appeared to move – if anything slightly higher and then disappeared. It was not a cloud. I can only describe the edge of the overall shape ( through the binoculars) as being similar to a film of the surface of the sun when it appears to be ‘bubbling’. I could only just make out that there was a central core to this thing. I am assuming some kind of military aircraft but phenomenally high, Given that I was aware of the height of the planes I had been watching, if pushed for a judgement I would say this thing was twice the height of a cruising commercial aircraft – at least.


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Updated: June 22, 2012 — 6:58 pm


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  1. Hi Caroline,i also use plane finder,this thing dos,nt sound like any kind of normal aircraft,it could have been a high altitude weather baloon but the cresent shape also makes this doubtfull,very strange!

  2. The picture in the link would fit the bill very closely indeed. It accounts for the hard crescent shape, it is white and works at an extremely high altitude.

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