Buckley, Flintshire-16th August 2012

Location of Sighting: Buckley, Flintshire, GB.
Date of Sighting: 16.8.2012
Time: 11.30ish pm
Witness Name: Paul

Witness Statement: I can only tell you what i saw and how i remember it and as level headed open minded bloke. As a smoker i spend alot of time on the back door step and 3 years ago I thought I had seen a UFO and it turned out to be a man made object but it turned my eyes to the skies as it where. Last night i saw out of the corner of my eye ( Above me but heading west to east(ish)) a blue flash like a torch in fog, a bright blue glare that held for a second or two then at its heart as it dulled was what looked like one of our brighter stars which then decided to move at a steady pace after a few seconds. It continued until it was lost behind a small cloud and never reappeared but a minute later 5 or 6 bright white flashes in the exact area of sky that seemed to jump left to right but not in the same place twice. then what looked like a shooting star emerged from the same spot then vanished into the blackness with a blueish tail. Weird as f**k no joke. Since my none UFO 3 years ago ive seen a few things that where odd as in speed and direction changes but nothing like that and will probably never see again. I know what the man made stuff is up there and I know what it looks like now it was very different, thats how i saw it people.


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Updated: September 2, 2012 — 7:26 pm

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  1. Hi Paul I saw 3 orange orbs fly over hawarden 2 summers ago, i reported it on here think its under clwyd, august 2011.it was incredible. Just got a night vision monocular last week its amazing how many more stars you can see, been a bit cloudy though cant wait for a crystal clear night. I think its obvious there is something going on all you have to do is look at the latest ufo videos from around the world and its clear to see!

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