Bury St Edmunds-5th October 2013

Location of Sighting: Bury St Edmunds
Date of Sighting: 05.10.2013
Time: 23:52
Witness Name: Martin Laurance

Witness Statement: Was taking the opportunity to have a look at the stars through binoculars. Initially looking at a roughly 40/45 degree angle towards the east when a feint light with an orange hue was observed moving at an extreme pace across the sky. The size and intensity was the same as your usual satellite transit, only the light emitted from this object didn’t fade. The main reason why I’m reporting this is because as far as I’m aware, satellites or satellite debris don’t zigzag across the sky. This was moving from the south west to north easterly direction at what looked like great altitude, but no means of estimating height. Took about 8 seconds to transit without fading, was moving with a long sudden zigzag movement and moving very fast. Normally you can follow satellites and not scan the sky too quickly. Never seen something move so quick.


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Updated: October 8, 2013 — 10:06 pm


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  1. Wow, you must have great binocular-control to watch the high-speed zigzagging movements. I guess it must have been visible to the naked eye then?

  2. It wasn’t visible to the naked eye, & I wouldn’t say that you would have to have “great binocular-control”, only a steady hand. These were only a £30 pair of Praktika binoculars.
    Only describing what I saw. The light/object wasn’t zig zagging all over the sky. It was deviating from a straight line path across the sky. Best way to describe the path it travelled, was in a shallow saw tooth action across the sky. Have often observed satellites in transit.
    Once observed a satellite/object flare and reverse its direction.
    I am in contact with the Dundee University Observatory (hence my interest) that provide tracking and imagery data from satellites & they couldn’t say what it was

  3. You mean they tracked it and didn’t know what it was or couldn’t pick it up? 8 seconds and long zigzagging tends to suggest an unusually difficult object to observe through binocs, however experienced you are. That is my point.

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