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Buxton, Derbyshire-18th February 2012

Location of Sighting: Buxton, Derbyshire
Date of Sighting: 18/2/12
Time: 8:30
Witness Name: Ciaran Millward

Witness Statement: I was looking at the stars through my bedroom window when I saw a bright, deep orange object going across the sky. It was too fast to be a chinese lantern, and had no flashing lights, unlike on a plane. Suddenly, it disappeared and did not reappear.


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  1. We have just witnessed something similiar in the north east although the light did pulsate at times and changed direction at will it disappeared for a few moments then came back followed by another light then seemed to fade away in to the distance. looking at the time you posted could well of been the same thing.

  2. In December 1999 I was going along the A6 coming from Derby about 5am. I stopped to take a leak at the road side. where I stopped at a location which overlooked the town of Buxton. As you do when you relieve yourself you always look up and whistle. Whilst looking up into the sky I noticed two lights which appeared to be orange, which where close together and at first thought I thought they were the twin engines of a jet plane. I then noticed that they moved from side to side at an angle of about 30 degrees very quickly. Moving in an upward direction. At this point I knew this was not a jet aircraft because of the speed of the movements and the way they moved. What happened next made me think I had seen something that could not be explained. The lights then went side to side for a few moments then they separated, about two to three hundred yards apart, then both lights elevated into the sky but as they flew into the sky they came together as if it was a combined effort to elevate. I have read of similar sightings, so I am was pleased to know I wasn’t the only one seeing this. But, even if you do see something like this it doesn’t make any difference. Governments deny existence. But the thing I am concerned about is why Buxton. Water is to obvious , so it must be something else. Why do I leave a comment now. Well, I was going to leave a comment a few years ago, but just thought what’s the point. But I cannot believe the amount of sightings. This is not the only sighting I have seen. In 1994/5 I witnessed a bright light circling a plane in the sky over Manchester in broad daylight. It appeared to just fly below the aeroplane then fly rotating around it. The plane was flying over Manchester at a good height. I did wonder if it could be a reflection. But the movement was unnatural. It is my conclusion that because of what I have seen, then UFO’s do exist. I think maybe if camera’s were set up over Buxton then we would have the evidence.

  3. I have seen a few things ….i live in buxton…first one about 2001 a star appeared to move from behind another star about 1cm in eye sight to the left and just stopped didnt move for about 10 mins then all of a sudden dropped very quickly downwards then arked left and stopped instantly and did not move for 20 mins …my girlfriend saw it tooshe got scared and made me drive back into buxton…seens a bit wierd as MOD research place was situated below my sighting also seen a few other things in the sky from same area in the sky since objects going too fast or too high to be human driven tech add this too the increased military presence in the sky around buxton …jet fighters all kind of helicopters n u have to wonder what is going on

  4. In 1997 I was coming up the road toward the old sight of high peak college . When myself and a friend spotted this very bright light high in the sky it suddenly moved very fast to one side about I don’t know a far way stopped then shot back . Stopped again then just zoomed off. No idea what it was but never forgot it. And never seen anything like it again. Now days I would have got video on my phone just i would have loved to know what it was .

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