Canvey Island-26th November 2013

Location of Sighting: Canvey island
Date of Sighting: 26/11/2013
Time: 1.05am
Witness Name: Helen Bentham

Witness Statement:Sorry but its not ufo but unidentified noises heard on numerous occasions over past 2 years, getting more frequent and witnesses other then at my home address . Have contacted local paper no reply.

Didnt know who else to contact


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Updated: November 27, 2013 — 8:46 pm


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  1. Hi Helen,
    That’s intriguing but brief, – what sort of noises are they, how frequent, at what times?, – and any other info useful. -Paul

  2. Can you describe the noises? How loud are they, do they happen at particular times? It would be good if you could provide as much information as possible!

  3. What type of noises. Is it usually around the same time of day or night?

  4. If you look for strange noises on Youtube – you will see there is a whole theme – across the world – of very odd noises occurring – some connect this with HAARP

  5. Hi Helen,

    Can you elaborate further? This one is so different it deserves attention. What sort of noises, when, how frequently?

  6. Its possibly a factory with an electrical air vent, pump, chimney or many other noises you can hear at night in a town or city. One day you’ll hear the noise, one day you won’t. Why? because of wind direction.

    or you have nosey neighbours.

  7. Typo please read noisy neighbours.

  8. Hi All,
    What I would like to know is – where is Helen Bentham’s response to all of our requests for information? – is this another one that is here one at one moment and gone the next!! -Paul

  9. out walking in Witchford Ely yesterday at around 2pm heard a terrifying sound in the sky which was totally clouded over and which covered the area of a football pitch. The sound was a loud rumbling sound reverberating round and round the sky slowly. It had a sort of whooshing sound too like jet engines and didn’t disappear as a jet would have done but slowly headed out to the right towards Ely. We live very near to Lakenheath and the american base Last year here experienced the same but not quite so loud. Also a helicopter came down at around the same time last year in Witchford killing the pilot am not aware of the reasons or details of the accident and it may not be connected.

  10. Good point Paul, its beginning to “Hum” for me to! A slight smell of……………..

  11. Question is why is Helen Bentham the only one to report strange noises in the last two years? The local rag would swallow this on a slow news day, that’s why I don’t swallow it.

  12. Hi Reality,
    Indeed – and still no response from Helen!! -Paul

  13. Hi Anon,
    Sorry, no real idea about your report, but it sounds like it may possibly be high level jets, perhaps doing practice dogfighting –
    these can sound very loud and heavy and being so high, perhaps around 12000-15000ft, they are not always visible immediately.
    Of course, if it was completely overcast, you would not see anything anyway. I may be wrong with this assumption, but it is the most likely explanation at present.
    I also suggest that you may care to visit: You may or may not find out (by looking at the appropriate air base section) if something was seen or heard on that day. As I have said elsewhere on here tonight, this site may be a useful extra ‘string to the bow’ but due to ‘classified’ operations, it is unlikely to be able to find out if there was any aircraft ‘scrambled’ for any reason! -Paul

  14. I am so sorry,firstly I would like to thank you for all your replies,I apologise,I didn’t realise I had any replies at all.
    Yes I have heard noises since but not as loud as the one I reported.
    I have noticed a pattern when these noises sound ,there seems to be fog the following day or within a few hours.
    The Times are between 2am and 3am.
    I have 3 family members that heard the noise my original post was about,one of whom lives in wickford and heard it there.
    Once again I am not a flake and am just looking for some answers.
    I have tried to record it but it doesn’t pick up the noise.
    Please if you have any questions about these noises I will check back now and answer what I can.

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