Cardiff-14th June 2013

Location of Sighting: Cardiff
Date of Sighting: 14/06/2013
Time: Between 6 – 8 PM
Witness Name: Hugh Rees

Witness Statement:


I saw above article and thought I would report the following:

I was sitting on my back doorstep last Friday having a cup of tea and a fag between 6-8 PM when I noticed something elongated egg shaped coming from out of a cloud and crossing the sky slowly in a North Easterly to South Westerly direction that looked exactly like one of objects in photo in link above.. There was no noise whatsoever (you can usually hear a jet or prop plane or even light aircraft) and was quiet night. I strained my eyes to see if I could make out any wings or a tail plane but could see none. The direction of travel is that commercial aircraft use to land at Cardiff international Airport. No sooner had first object disappeared from sight into a cloud the second ?twin? object came from out of another cloud into view. I wondered at time if I was seeing unmanned drone surveillance aircraft heading towards RAF St Athan that?s near here but in view of the UFO report above same day I now wonder if these were one and same, coincidence?

I wonder if anyone else reported sightings in Cardiff same day?


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Updated: June 19, 2013 — 9:21 pm

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  1. The Bracknell photograph has been extensively discussed on other sites, and the consensus is that it was shot through a door or window. The ‘ufos’ appear to be reflections on the glass from internal lighting.

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