Cardiff-4th September 2010

Location of Sighting: Cardiff
Date of Sighting: 4/9/10
Time: Appox 8.30pm
Witness Name: Karen P

Witness Statement: Have been reading various comments and saw a similar thing approximately 8.30pm: bright orange object travelling in a straight line, no noise, so definitely not a plane/helicopter. Thought it maybe a burning satellite or similar. My children witness it too, as I could not believe my eyes! Seeing the above post has made me think!


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Updated: September 6, 2010 — 8:30 pm


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  1. My daughter and I saw an object in the sky last night. Not sure what it was – it flew from South to North over Barry on Sunday night 5th September 2010 – time was around 9.30pm’ish. The whole of the object was glowed white then glowed red then back to white again – not at all like an aeroplane – the glowing was a bit like a fibre optic light changing colour – weird. I can see flights arriving and taking off from Rhoose airport – landing from East to West and taking off from West going East – this definitely wasn’t anything from Rhoose (Cardiff Wales) Airport. Our family think we’ve gone a bit mad, but I am a very sane person and am not at all sure what it was. Not a paper lantern – too high and moving too fast.

  2. I saw the same object on Sunday night flying over Cardiff from east to west around 8:30PM-9:30PM. I thought at first it may have been a plane on fire. I went outside to follow it’s path south of Gabalfa travelling all the way to Wenvoe and on, and there was no sound coming from the object. It occured to me that if it wasn’t a plane then it may have been an asteroid burning up in the atmosphere. Watched the news that night and the morning after for reports of a crass but nothing mentioned.

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