Cardiff South Wales-September 2012

Location of Sighting: Cardiff South Wales
Date of Sighting: September 2012
Time: 19:55
Witness Name: Steven

Witness Statement:I have waited a long time to share my experience as i didn’t know who to tell.I was waiting at a bus stop for my regular bus on the outskirts of Cardiff. As I looked up the lane for my bus I noticed two orange balls approx 30 feet off the ground. They were no doubt intelligently controlled as they were bobbing and weaving between obstacles trees etc.One ball was ahead of the other and the second one caught it up if they were playing a game with each other. They were approx 10 feet in diameter. My bus arrived as i was still watching the objects .I told the driver of the bus to hold on a minute but unfortunately he wasn’t interested and so i had to go about my journey.


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  1. Hi Steve T. I for one, if something unusual happened would make other people aware. We have discussed many times why people may see things on this site. There is something not right with this sighting, it does not fit or gel.

    If anyone one this site is seeing unusual bright lights that suddenly appear before them or above them, I would recommend they see a doctor, not for mental but for physical reasons.

  2. “and took the trouble to share something unusual.”

    But this, with respect, is your problem time, and time, again; because the observer sees something as unusual, you are determined to assume it was unusual. What if someone else had observed that very same phenomena, yet had the experience or knowledge to know exactly what it was? This possibility rarely seems to cross your mind in your often odd and sometimes off the map responses. One that clearly sticks in my mind was the sighting of lights across a field (which we later determined were either lasers from a stock car track or powerful headlamps worn by workmen, both of which were confirmed as present in the very locality at the time) yet you pitched a question, which was totally irrelevant, about animal abductions! That doesn’t make sense, and smacks of someone who has seen too many dodgy films and believes that the events depicted in The Fourth Kind were fact. Just before we had a sighting of a fast moving green light – a good example of a meteor – yet your hypothesis was ‘earth forces connected with the flooding’; what? I’m all for thinking outside of the box, but let’s be sensible here!

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