Carterton-25th April 2011

Location of Sighting: Carterton
Date of Sighting: 25/4/11
Time: 9:37pm
Witness Name: Nicole Dempsey

Witness Statement: I was getting the washing in and i looked up and in the sky i saw the really bright light flying across the sky it did’nt make a sound and it did’nt flash or anything. i live by a raf base so at first i thought it was a plane but it could’nt of been but then a plane went behind me and they looked nothing alike i was so caught up in watching it and my phone was in my room i did’nt get it untill it as almost too late, so i ran as fast as i could and i started to record but it was too late i could still see it but my phone could’nt get it.


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Updated: April 26, 2011 — 9:20 pm


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  1. I saw the exact same thing in Carterton i was walking to the buss stop and i could see it in the corner of my eye and then couldn’t take my eyes off it i know it wasn’t a plane coz it wasn’t making any sound and the shape of it wasn’t like a plane it was round and was moving faster than any of the other planes in the sky, when i was watching it it looked like it went down to the ground but in the distance i was really lost for words #ailens #UFO !!!

  2. A couple years back I was sat watching the sky in my window and I live right next to the RAF base in Carterton. It must’ve been early in the morning between 2am and 4am but I saw a light come into the atmosphere like a meteorite and that’s what I thought it was but then as I was watching it fall It slowly slowed down and came to a hult. It then after about 3 – 4 seconds of being completely still in the air above the base it shot across the sky faster than anything I had ever seen and went back out of the atmosphere to where I couldn’t see it. It was like a shooting star and left a trail behind it which quickly faded. And ever since then I always believed in extra-terrestrial. If anyone else remembers seeing this then please leave a reply.

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