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Details of UFO sightings in Berkshire.

Strange White Light-Arborfield, Reading Berkshire-18th November 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Arborfield, Reading Berkshire
Date Of Sighting :
18 11 2019
Witness Name:
Stephen F
Witness Statement
I was in the garden smoking, I noticed a small white light like a star. I thought it had moved but when I looked it was just still like a star. It was due south from me. I saw the light move slowly, like a satellite due North and then it stopped. Still looked like a star or satellite. It then went back due South towards the place I first saw it. The light then sped up and disappeared.

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3 Green Lights Hovering, Reading, Berkshire, 1998

Location of Sighting: Reading, Berkshire
Date of Sighting: 1998
Time: 21:00
Witness Name: James Best
Witness Statement: I was out with a friend on our bikes down by the river Thames near to caversham. Reading festival was on at the time and we could here it faintly in the background. We found a bench and sat for a while. It was a clear night with no clouds and hardly any moon light. I stared up and was shocked at what I saw. There were 3 green lights hovering around 300ft in the air in a triangle formation. There was no sound and it did not move at all. I could see the outline of the craft so knew that it was only one object. I called to my friend, who had gone to the little boys room, to tell him and by that time I looked up and it had vanished. I am a true believer that we are not alone, and would love to know if there are any ufo hunter groups in the Berkshire area?

Crazies Hill, Berkshire – 21st August 2016

Location of Sighting: Crazies Hill
Date of Sighting: 21/8/2016
Time: 23:15
Witness Name: Rhys Edmond Williamson
Witness Statement: I saw a series of circular lights approx. 9 in the sky above low level cloud that was faint and dim and had a pattern that resembled a school of fish that would intermittently converge in the centre and spread out again. I could see no light being emitted from the ground and the light source was above the low level cloud and covered a huge area. I would estimate that the pattern was at an altitude of 3000 feet and probably around 1000 feet wide. I have a video but it was way to dark to see anything unless the video were to be digitally enhanced.


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Reading, Berkshire-23rd July 2016

Location of Sighting: Reading, Berkshire
Date of Sighting: 23/07/16
Time: 12:30am
Witness Name: Chris Short

Witness Statement: It was too hot to sleep so I stepped into my garden to cool off a bit. It was a beautiful clear night and as I looked up to the stars I saw 3 lights in an isosceles triangle shape, very low in the sky moving silently VERY fast in a completely straight line from east to west. Definitely not a satellite, or the ISS, or Chinese lanterns and not a meteor or shooting star, these were low and in our atmosphere. These lights all moved together as if joined. I am a keen photographer but even if I had my camera I doubt I would have captured them in a photo as they went so fast, I lost sight of them behind houses which obscured my view, wondering if anyone else saw anything?


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Reading & Swindon-1993 to 2015

Location of Sighting: Reading & Swindon
Date of Sighting: 1993-2015
Time: Various
Witness Name: Debbie R

Witness Statement:I will briefly tell of my experiences.
Age 3/4. Living in Reading at the time, I was standing at the top of the stairs, early hours of the morning. Someone or something was stood at the bottom of the stairs, I couldn’t make it out but back then I thought it was wearing a pointed hat, but it spoke in my head and told me to go back to bed.
Age around 9. I was in bed and when I looked at my window, it was moving away from me, like a tunnel. I put my head in my pillow, and then looked up again, and the same thing was happening.
Age 21, my daughters baptism, very large white orbs are in formation over her which looking at the photos, moved. 1993, around 12:55am, on my way home from a restaurant, a very large UFO passing through Swindon. I believe residents in Swindon did phone in the radio station which at the time I’m sure was the Dave Barrett radio talk show. There was two very large white lights above, and two very large red lights below, all joined. I just sat and watched it.
My daughters first day at school, I have a photo of a white figure. I’m unsure. It’s as if I know a lot but feel so frustrated that I can’t find this information in my mind. It’s a feeling of walking in a room to do something but when you enter, you can’t remember what you was going in the room for! This happens to all of us, but this is how I feel when I know I know, but can’t remember!
From my garden, late at night in 2011, Oct-Nov- two very large orange UFO’s over Swindon, looked like they we’re dancing. I felt a tremendous amount of overwhelming love and excitement! I didn’t want them to leave! Both me and my partner saw them.
Days afters there was a black unmarked helicopter in the area, which my partner saw.
January 2012, an electric blue Orb again near my house in Swindon. Me and my daughter were in the garden, early hours and both saw it.
I have many photos of orbs, some with faces, and one that looks like a grey.
I’ve experienced being in bed and feeling paralysed, hearing a electric humming sound above my head, and a tremendous feeling of energy in my abdamon, and tingling down my legs, with a pulling feeling.. I made every desperate effort to move and speak. I Fought with all my might and eventually broke free. Yes, this freaked me out!
I’ve experienced this on occasions during the years from 2014-2015 but felt more as if I was coming out of something.
I can’t explain any of it, but can’t say I’ve experienced an abduction because I have no memory of this. I do obviously want answers, but as far as I know, it could have been caused by energy surges within the atmosphere! I just don’t know.


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