Category: Flintshire

Buckley, Flintshire-16th August 2012

Location of Sighting: Buckley, Flintshire, GB. Date of Sighting: 16.8.2012 Time: 11.30ish pm Witness Name: Paul Witness Statement: I can only tell you what i saw and how i remember it and as level headed open minded bloke. As a smoker i spend alot of time on the back door step and 3 years ago […]

Abergele-27th April 2012

Location of Sighting: Abergele Date of Sighting: 27,4,2012 Time: 820 pm Witness Name: Terry Witness Statement: 10 mins ago I was having a sigg in the bak garden and notised a few seaguls flying by,and with the sun seting they had a gold reflection.then sudenly flying low I seen four small things,circular shape flyin prety […]

Penyffordd-16th April 2012

Location of Sighting: Penyffordd Date of Sighting: 160412 Time: 1.30pm Witness Name: C.Dennis Witness Statement: Black / silver cylindrical object very high over Cheshire. Watched it for over 20mins object was stationary in the sky, but seemed to spin , sometimes catching the sun. Weather :- blue sky with high wispy clouds, the object was […]


Location of Sighting: Wrexham Date of Sighting: 2008 Time: about 9 pm or later Witness Name: Anon Witness Statement: we were setting up our rods ready to fish when a aeroplane (the type you would get at a airport) came flying towards the 2 of us at first i thought it was going to crash […]

Hawarden, Flintshire-25th August 2011

Location of Sighting: Hawarden, Flintshire Date of Sighting: 25/08/11 Time: 2245-2330 Witness Name: Liam Doran Witness Statement: Witness Statement: Standing on my friends roof smoking I was looking at the sky, apart from a few small clouds the sky was very clear, thousands of stars visible. Anyway, I suddenly see 3 dull orange lights over […]