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Light Following The ISS-New Forest-28th July 2019

Location Of Sighting :
New forest
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
Joshua W
Witness Statement
Watching iSs suddenly a lights started following iss. Moving side to side . Wasn’t a plane or another satellite . Was something I’ve never seen before and the movement of the objects behind the iss was so strange .

White Orb, Southampton, England, 28th March 2018

Location of Sighting: Southampton, England
Date of Sighting: 28 March 2018
Time: 1924 Hours GMT
Witness Name: Jayne Crosby
Witness Statement: Looking into a clear blue sky, I noticed an object moving left to right in the direction of the Isle of Wight. Although some considerable distance, I could tell by the altitude that it wasn’t a conventional aircraft, but appeared to be a white ‘orb’. There were no vapour trails and no visible lights. I live on a busy flight path with planes from Southampton and the London airports seen regularly. I managed to capture a short video, but had largely forgotten the sighting until I happened to mention it to my partner. We both believe in UFOs although neither of us has seen one – or have we?

Red Ball Of Light – Hampshire – 19th March 2018

Location of Sighting: Bramshott Common, Hampshire
Date of Sighting: 19/03/2018
Time: 19.30
Witness Name: Edi Mehmet
Witness Statement: As I was driving south down the A3, just passed the Hindhead Tunnel, I saw a slowly descending red ball of light to my right. It was very slow moving and very close to the road. It looked like it could be a ball of flames. It was very large, too big to be a flare.

Eastleigh, Hampshire

9 December 2017
Time: 23:20
Witness Name: Adam W
Witness Statement: Cloudy sky, no stars. Walking home, saw what looked like a bright bluish-white star above the rooftops towards the NW. After a couple of seconds it zipped off to the left, fading out as it went. Weird. No alcohol involved 🙂

Solid Dark Object-Fleet, Hants-26th January 2017

Location of Sighting: Fleet, Hants
Date of Sighting:26/01/2017
Time: 9PM
Witness Name:Carolyn Gray
Witness Statement: I was looking skyward, watching a small plane across the night sky, as my dog had barked. My neighbours garden is lit skyward. The plane was heading NW when in my peripheral vision, from E to W a dark object went past at speed. It was about 100 – 200 feet up, no lights but the base was lit somewhat by my neighbours lighting. Too fast for a bird and not the impression I got. A solid dark object, with what seemed to be a square’ish bottom, possible it had triangular orientations about it though. It happened so fast. A UFO in that I can’t be sure it isn’t man made. Not a drone from the high street as it was solid with no detectable camera function.

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