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Dark Rugby Ball Shaped Object-Walderslade, Chatham, Kent-7th September 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Walderslade, Chatham, Kent, UK
Date Of Sighting :
7th September 2019
Witness Name:
Peter S
Witness Statement
I was sitting in my bedroom when I saw out of the window a dark rugby ball/American football shape appearing to move slowly in the direction of my house. I rushed to the window to film it, but I accidentally missed the record button on my phone (yes, I am aware this sounds like a silly lie, but I want to report it regardless).
As I thought I was filming, I zoomed in and saw on the screen of my phone that there was a rugby ball shaped white light on the underside of the object, which gave the object the appearance of a black ring with a white centre.
The white light could not be seen with the naked eye,and only showed up when I zoomed in on the image on the screen.
As the object passed over the top of my house, and I pressed the button to stop recording, I noticed that it actually started the recording instead of ending it. I was, and am, utterly gutted that I messed it up and can only hope someone else saw it too.
The sky was orange at the time, and I live in a populated area. Surely someone else saw this too and managed to record it.

Silver Dome Shaped Object-M20 Towards Sevonoaks-25th March 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
Maria Milbank
Witness Statement
As driving along the M20 towards Sevenoaks light bounced from the sun to a object to the right of. Me. The light hit my right eye and blinded me for a moment or so. I looked up to the right of me into the blue sky and saw a shiny silver object it was a small dome shape slightly narrow on the top of the object and very smooth and shiny.My attention turned back to my driving, after seconds I looked up again, also looking in my mirrors for bihind vision, but it was gone. My reaction was excitement of happiness came over me andnot scared at all in which surprised me. It was amazing.Due to driving no pictures.

2 Bright Orange Diamond Shaped Objects – Ramsgate Kent-25th December 2018

Location Of Sighting :
Ramsgate Kent UK
Date Of Sighting :
9.00pm approximately
Witness Name:
Kevino Sykes
Witness Statement
I had just finished dropping 2 family members off home,in the town area of Ramsgate around 9pm, as they had spent Christmas Day and dinner with myself, wife, son and other family members which left earlier (5ish).
It was a strange evening as on the journey (15 minutes round trip) I did not see or hear any other kind of traffic in fact it was a very very quiet too quiet even for Christmas Day night. Also the cloud cover was very low at a guess no more than 500 foot (judged upon a tower block in the area which I know too be 400 feet high) and It was so dence, like a white blanket covering the town, but not foggy. You couldn’t see a single star.
( I would like to point out that I’m a life long star gazer and i had lots of experience with all kinds of objects in the night sky along with sun light sky. Also I was a private pilot until an accident forced retirement apon me).
So, I was on my way home only 1 street away from the drop off point, on king street facing north east when I saw the anomaly, and it took a while to actually comprehend what I was seeing.
2 bright orange diamond shaped objects moving slowly in side by side formation as if connect. I followed them, for a minute or two round a couple of streets and come to a stop in middle of a very tight double parked road, with room for single lane traffic movement only (Dane Park road). I got out and stood between the car and the door looking in a north direction, and watched in oar, I was amazed at how close and low it seemed, the right hand orange diamond object disappeared very quickly as if it knew I was watching but the left carried on slowly moving away until it faded from sight. It seemed like an age, as if time had stopped, and again i realised how quiet it was, where’s the traffic? Nothing normal there would have been a dozen cars or more all honking and tooting impatiently.
When I got home my wife was surprised that I’d been half an hour, and she wondered why i was looking very pale? So told her what what had happened.
Since the sighting I have questioned myself about what I saw, but it truly happened, but I’ve been suffering from continued nausea and generally feeling week and unwell.
Thanks too all, that take the time too read about my experience,
Regards and Ciao from Kevino. 

2 Vertical Lights, Walmer, Deal, Kent, UK, 17th July 2018

Location of Sighting: Walmer, Deal, UK
Date of Sighting: 17 July 2018
Time: 23.00 onwards
Witness Name: A & L Price
Witness Statement: Saw 2, perhaps 3, vertical lights in the sky coming from Calais (France) towards Dover (England). Observed to be moving very slowly and not influenced by the somewhat gusty & variable wind. Watched as they very slowly moved across the sky until they disappeared behind some tress about 24.00 hrs. Went to bed

Dark flat object -Bromley, Kent -19th December 2016

Location of Sighting: Bromley, Kent
Date of Sighting: 19th December 2016
Time: 9.15 ish
Witness Name: Chris
Witness Statement: Whilst walking towards Bromley Town Centre (heading to the A21, which leads into Bromley) I noticed something in the sky in front of me about 200ish feet over the rooftops of the road I was walking down, that appeared to be swirling around, my 1st impression was a pair of balloons tied together.

I was now on Great Elms Road & the object was now on my left hand side travelling straight & true, & moving about twice my pace. I could detect this object was in fact rotating, about every two seconds you could detect a small glinting effect, but, only on it’s left hand side, & as much as I observed this object, (about 4 mins)
I couldn’t say with any honesty if the whole thing was rotating, or just the outer edge, but, as I say, every two seconds it glinted. (the morning was was behind me)

The object was silent, flat(ish) in appearence, with no visible means of propulsion, & dark in colour.

Though it was a windless day (at ground level), I was bemused how this object was able to travel like it was on rails, with no perceivable deviation in height or forward speed.


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