Category: Lanarkshire

East Kilbride-3rd December 2016

Location of Sighting: East Kilbride Date of Sighting:3/12/2016 Time: 00.00 Witness Name: Ally Witness Statement: Tonight I saw three orange coloured lights, about 3-4 minutes apart, travelling from south east to westerly direction. At first I thought it was a Chinese lantern, but the distance covered and the speed at which the lights travelling at […]

Larkhall Lanarkshire-5th March 2016

Location of Sighting: Larkhall lanarkshire Date of Sighting: 05-03-16 Time: 11:45pm Witness Name: Kerrie Frannie Witness Statement:I was smoking a fag out my bedroom window when i noticed an aeroplane in the sky at the back of the plane there was a bright silver object flying behind it it was around a mile above it […]

Wishaw, Scotland-13th August 1994

Location of Sighting: Wishaw, Scotland Date of Sighting: August 13th 1994 Time: 9.15pm Witness Name: Cal Witness Statement: This sighting happened 1 night when i was only 12 yrs old at the time, i wasnt the 1st person to see it. There was my friends parents and another adult in his early 20s, plus there […]