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Multicoloured Light-Blackburn-8th September 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Date Of Sighting :
1:45 AM
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
I was sleeping peacefully and woke up to a sound of a helicopter. I was thinking that it will pass so the noise will go away as well, but the noise persisted, so I went to the window and checked, and it wasn’t a helicopter. It was something like a drone, but it was very noisy that it couldn’t be a drone. It had an orange flashing light, a white static light and a green and red light that changed when that thing was changing direction. The strange thing about it was that the thing kept moving in the same path for about 40 mins and then suddenly it disappeared. I took some photos but they weren’t clear. I tried to shoot a video as well but it’s not really clear, but the sound can be heard and a moving object can be seen.

Long Dark Cigar Shape-Preston Lancashire-26th February 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Preston Lancashire
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
I went to draw my bedroom blinds when I noticed how lovely the sun set was. As I looked at the sky which was clear no clouds in sight I saw a dark object in the distance not too far from my house. It was like a dark long cigar shape. At first I thought it was a plane as I live near airbases and Blackpool airport isn’t too far, but I feel I no what a plane looks like at that distance and it wasn’t a plane. There was no lights on it thst I could see.This was still in the sky just sat there. I had a bath running and so had to run to turn it off and when I came back it was gone. Completely vanished. I was literally about 5 seconds. I’m disappointed that I didn’t just hold out to see where it went. I checked the sky over and over to see where it was but it just wasn’t there. Not sure what it was but it wasn’t any kind of plane. It was large too so I would say bigger than any plane ! Did anyone else in Preston see this?

Fast Moving Bright Light-M61 junction with M6, South of Preston-10th October 2018

Location Of Sighting : M61 junction with M6, South of Preston
Date Of Sighting :10/10/18
Time: 22:12
Witness Name: Francis A
Witness Statement: Driving on to M61 and saw a bright but not dazzling light move very very fast from east to west for a couple of seconds.Far too low and far far too fast to be aircraft.
Really had no idea. Never seen anything like this before and it was travelling at colossal speed.
Wanted to share in case not only one who spotted.The light travelling towards the town of Leyland.

Black Rectangle Craft – Lytham St Annes, Lancashire – 3rd April 2008

Location of Sighting: Lytham Saint annes
Date of Sighting: 3/4/2008
Time: 1:00am
Witness Name: G Jackson
Witness Statement:
I was stood on the corner at the top of Saint Albans road just before the train tracks waiting for my friend and it was a dark starry night. I didn’t see or hear anything but I got a sense to look up . When I did I was absolutely amazed to see a giant black rectangle craft directly above me with me at its centre. It was totally silent totally still and at each corner was a white light. It was about 150-200 feet in the air and as I watched mouth agape totally in awe and calm lights started to appear here and there on the base of the craft. Sporadic coloured lights randomly appeared around the outer base more and more till eventually different coloured spherical lights were traversing anti clockwise around its base. The colours were yellow orange red blue purple and green. In the centre a giant red light with a white outer light appeared with a massive intensity. Just then I took a reality check and felt the need to walk backwards away from the craft. I was almost hypnotised and it seemed to be gearing up to something quite quickly(I watched the display for 3-4 minutes before moving) I went off to find my freind and I remember thinking I left before it did. It remained there. I had never seen or thought deeply about UFOs before then but I know what I saw. A weird thing too was I was telling a freind years later and describing it the best I could when I thought I’d type black rectangle ufo into google images not expecting much if anything and was amazed to see so many accurate images uploaded by people who have seen it too. 100% true. Has anyone seen it too? Additional information the craft was absolutely massive but it’s sides weren’t thick in comparison