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Category: Lancashire

Mossley, Ashton-12th November 2016

Location of Sighting: Mossley, Ashton Date of Sighting: 12/11/2016 Time: 6pm Witness Name: Leslie Owens and Deborah Owens Witness Statement: Travelling from Ashton through Mossley We had just passed the train station when I look up and saw what appeared to be a large plane. I realised as we got further down the road the […]

Preston Lancashire-Late 1990s

Location of Sighting: Preston Lancashire Date of Sighting: Late 1990s Time: Early evening Witness Name: James donnelly Witness Statement: Whilst off to visit my parents one Sunday evening I happened to look skyward when I saw a spherical shape in the sky about the size of a football I knew it couldn’t have been a […]