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Blinking Blue Red Light-Thringstone Coalville ,Leicestershire-2nd November 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Thringstone coalville
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
Looking out the window at the fireworks last night i noticed once some had finished there was a red light. At first i thought it to be a fire lantern but it was very red. Then its movement was backwards and forward and it blinked to a blue colour then red again. There was no sound and i dont think it would have been a helicopter. It then glided towards the house and over. I could not understand what it was it seemed to high to be a drone and too quiet to be a helicoper. The red lights weren’t blinking except from the time they turned blue then back to red again.

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Abducted By Aliens-Request For Memory Regression Therapy

We recently received the following request . Scott has agreed to let us post on our website and social media sites in the hope somebody maybe able to help with regards to memory regression therapy

Hi my name’s Scott K, I live in Leicester UK. I got abducted by aliens similar to greys but they were more of a brown colour when I was six years old. I’m 47 now and am still experiencing ufo activity… I’m looking for someone to regress my memories through hypnosis…. can anyone help…. thanks

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Siren Like Noise And Bright Light -Markfield, Leicestershire-1980/81

Location Of Sighting :Markfield, Leicestershire
Date Of Sighting :1980/81
Time:Early hours
Witness Name:Joanne Veseli (nee Smith) + sister
Witness Statement: My sister slept in the front bedroom, me in the back room. I was about 10/11 years old and was awoke by a loud noise almost like a siren noise but different. And my room was filled with a bright light. I wasn’t scared but calmly remember almost trance like walking to my sisters room and seeing the light also shining under her door. When I opened her door she was stood staring out of the window, her room was also filled with light. I walked over to my sister and stood next to her, we both just looked out of the window, and neither of us remember any more than that. It did not wake my brother nor my parents. We both told my dad in the morning what we remembered happening. who contacted and reported it to a UFO sighting number.
My dad saw a UFO from the same property as a child whilst stood out side with his grandfather, at that time apparently there was a number of sightings in the same place. He described it as being a UFO hovering above our apple tree for a few seconds then slowly went upwards before shooting off at a very fast speed. This was during the day and he didn’t see any light

Leicester-25th October 2014

Location of Sighting: Leicester
Date of Sighting:25th October 2014
Time: 8.15pm
Witness Name: Andrew

Witness Statement:Standing out in my back garden was looking at the stars and suddenly a bright flash of light appeared, stayed constant for a couple of seconds then flashed a couple more times then vanished. Was brighter than any stars/planets, was definitely not an aircraft!


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