Category: Lothian

Wisp Road Edinburgh-Oct/Nov 2013

Location of Sighting: Wisp Road Edinburgh Date of Sighting: Oct/Nov 2013 Time: 16:00 16:30 hrs Witness Name: Darren Witness Statement: I was driving up the wisp on Edinburgh at around 16:00 16:30 hrs oct/nov 2013 & to my left about 200/300mts away on the ground was a large electric blue circle around 200ft in length […]

Glasgow, Silverburn Shopping Centre-16th September 2016

Location of Sighting: Glasgow, Silverburn Shopping Centre Date of Sighting:16/9/2016 Time: 21:07 Witness Name: Jagman Witness Statement:Silverburn shopping centre (Bus Station Entrance) at the time stated. Observed a group of eight orange orbs flying in a controlled manner and in formation over the centre from West to East (approx) A single solid orange orb at […]

Tranent Scotland-23rd August 2016

Location of Sighting: Tranent Scotland Date of Sighting: 23/8/2016 Time: 23:30 Witness Name: Brad Kinnell Witness Statement: I was looking at the coastal line from my window at half 11 last night with my partner next to me, my eyes were drawn instantly to the cloudy sky just above me to left handside just above […]

Edinburgh-16th January 2014

Location of Sighting:Edinburgh Time:14.10 Witness Name:K Bennett Witness Statement: I was traveling on a train from Edinburgh to London Kings Cross – at approximately 14.10 on 16 January 2014. I noticed two flying white objects – they were smaller than a plane, had no wings and appeared to be tube / disc shaped. The first […]

Edinburgh-4th February 2013

Location of Sighting: Edinburgh Date of Sighting: 04/02/2013 Time: 18:40 Witness Name: W.J Fibbz Witness Statement: I witnessed an extremely pulsing bright red light moving north west, very low altitude, at very high speed. It was just below the cloud level and approximately 150 to 200 foot across, possibly triangular in shape, and utterly silent. […]

Livingston, West Lothian-5th November 2012

Location of Sighting: Livingston, West lothian Date of Sighting: 5th November 2012 Time: 19:35 Witness Name: K Hepburn Witness Statement: Two bright orange lights in parallel at a constant speed at 45 degrees to the horizon, travelling west to east for a duration of approx 90 second.the light remained a the exact same distance apart […]