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Switch Island, Aintree

August Time: 02:00 Witness Name: Chris Witness Statement: Driving easterly on M58 towards Switch Island, just after J1. To left approximately 200 meters high a light shoots down towards switch island at great rate. Two hours later we realised the dash cam might of recorded it. After 20 minutes of searching we found it! It […]

Merseyside-27th September 2016

Location of Sighting: Merseyside Date of Sighting: 27.9.16 Time: 23.25 Witness Name: John O’Rourke Witness Statement: I was sat with my wife on outside patio at our house in Rainhill looking south towards the vicinity of Speke and the Welsh mountains beyond. We both saw fire ball which appeared through clouds travelling at high speed […]

Liverpool-31st May 2016

Location of Sighting: Liverpool Date of Sighting: 31.05.16 Time: 3.00am Witness Name: P Sterritt Witness Statement: Lying in bed and from window spotted a large stationary white light for over 30mins. Several smaller lights moved around it parallel. A strange red formation like in shape of an arrow fell from the stationary one and sweeped […]

West Kirby, Wirral-11th May 2016

Location of Sighting: West Kirby, Wirral Date of Sighting: 11/05/16 Time: 21:38 Witness Name: Sam + Alison Cole Witness Statement: Two red lights hovering perfectly still over marine lake, West Kirby. Ascended vertically at speed, then descended. This was then repeated. During the second ascension, the lights turned from red to green. Object then flew […]

Wirral-17th June 2014

Location of Sighting: Wirral Date of Sighting: 17 June 2014 Time: 13:00 Witness Name: jay n joel Witness Statement: me and my friend was watching a plane fly over quite high up and seen a small ,maybe the size of the cockpit ,all i can say is a small reflective surface that shone bright when […]