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Ashford, Middlesex – 21st February 2014

Location of Sighting: Ashford, Middlesex Date of Sighting: 21st February 2014 Time: 17.30 Witness Name: Nick Witness Statement:I had just been looking out of my living room window (south facing) with my 3 year old son, watching a rainbow fade, when something caught my eye. At approximately 70? in the sky to my position, a […]

Feltham Middlesex-28th August ,2013

Location of Sighting: Feltham MIddlesex Date of Sighting: 28th august ,2013 Time: 2.30 am Witness Name: Kevin Witness Statement: Hi there first time on this site and I’m really shocked at how many people see these strange orbs and you never here much about it. The other night I was having a cigarette early hours […]

Hillingdon, Middlesex-21st March 2013

Location of Sighting: Hillingdon, Middlesex Date of Sighting: 21 March 2013 Time: around 5.15pm Witness Name: Fee Berry Witness Statement: I was sitting in an upstairs room facing the road, which has a good view of the sky and trees across the road. As I watched a black oddly shaped object flew across the road. […]

Hampton Hill, Middlesex-7th December 2012

Location of Sighting: Hampton Hill, Middlesex. Date of Sighting: 07/12/2012 Time: 21:30-21:45 Witness Name: Tony Witness Statement: My partner and I saw a pulsating white light on friday the 7th at around 21:30. We live in Hampton (SW London) and I was out in our balcony having a smoke when I noticed the strange pulsating […]

Hayes, Middlesex-1st October 20112

Location of Sighting: Hayes, Middlesex Date of Sighting: 01/10/2012 Time: 8pm ish Witness Name: M Witness Statement: I went to my bedroom to draw the curtains to turn the light on. As I was pulling the curtain something caught my eye out of the window. What I saw was a light in the sky, at […]

Burnt Oak, Edgware-about 1995

Location of Sighting: Burnt Oak, Edgware, uk Date of Sighting: about 1995 Time: 21.15 Witness Name: Rebecca Witness Statement: on our way home from spiritual church my young daughter and i held hands. then i noticed a ball of blue light in between us, my daughter saw it too. it was about the size of […]

Hayes, Middlesex-Summer 1974-76

Location of Sighting: HAYES MIDDLESEX Date of Sighting: SUMMER 1974-76 Time: EVENING AROUND 7PM Witness Name: AL GEE Witness Statement: forgive the year but i cannot remember exactly. the UFO (Flying Saucer type) flew over our road (Albion Road) and about 7 of us kids ranginging ages 8-13 ran as fast as we could looking […]