Category: Monmouthshire

Cwmbran-16th August 2013

Location of Sighting: Cwmbran Date of Sighting: 16/08/2013 Time: 11/12pm Witness Name: Helen Witness Statement: Both myself and my husband noticed 1 light moving towards us, travelling at speed similar to a satellite, getting brighter, it then seemed to veer to the change direction away from us, as it dimd, but was still visible while […]

Rhymney, Wales-14th July 2013

Location of Sighting: Rhymney, Wales, Uk Date of Sighting:14/07/2013 Time:2.45 a.m Witness Name:A.J Witness Statement: I was standing on my front door having a cigarette before bed. While looking at the stars I saw an unusually bright star. after viewing it for a second or two it proceeded to move very fast through the sky. […]

Llanbradach-27th November 2012

Location of Sighting: Llanbradach Date of Sighting: 27th November 2012 Time: 10:17 Witness Name: Rich Witness Statement: I was standing in my garden having a cigarette when I noticed a white coloured object moving at a steady pace at first then as it gained pace it seemed to move upwards. I lost sight of the […]

Coldbrook, Abergavenny-11th August 2012

Location of Sighting: Coldbrook, Abergavenny Date of Sighting: 11 08 2012 Time: 2300 Witness Name: Mr Brandon Witness Statement: sat in the car park of the sugar loafmountaimountain looking for meteors armed with a meade spotterscope i witnessed a collection of lights in the valley below, they were taking turns at illuminating then fading then […]

Chepstow-6th August 2012

Location of Sighting: Chepstow Date of Sighting: 6th August 2012 Time: between 10pm and 12am Witness Name: Anon Witness Statement: There were 2 lights swirling over the sky for hours aand hours last night. They were traveling about a mile across the sky either way and I could see them clearly out of my bedroom […]

Chepstow, Mathern-30th June 2012

Submitted via UK-UFO Iphone App Location of Sighting : Chepstow, Mathern Date/Time of Sighting: 30,June, 2011, 01:15 AM Witness Name: Rob Witness Statement : I had a couple mates staying over and we went put the back for a smoke, we got the outside chairs out to sit on and while looking up my one […]

Undy, South East Wales-15th October 2011

Location of Sighting: Undy, South East Wales. Date of Sighting: 15.10.2011 Time: 20:45 approx Witness Name: David Nelmes Witness Statement: I had just finished walking the dog and noticed what I thought was a balloon in the sky. I thought it was a balloon because of the shape and assumed there was fire burner providing […]