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Merging Bright Lights-Northampton-25th December 2020

Location Of Sighting :
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
Lisa M
Witness Statement
Woke up suddenly (i have a skylight above my bed, with no blind as I like natural light in the moring and enjoy loking at stars at night) and saw a bright light pass very quickly across skylight field of view. I thought it was ISS but v fast and v bright. It disappeared from view but almost imemdiately followed by another light following same path. I stood up on my bed to get a clear view. It disappeared and then they both came back from direction they had gone, heading across and upwards. The lights merged into one and became stationary. Then 3 bright but smaller lights appeared out of no where,at 8, 9 and 10 o-colock positions relative to the stationary light, moved towards it circled very tightly around it about 3 times. Their circular path was precise. Then they moved away back in direction they originated and spaced out abit and then became stationary – I watched for about another few mins but nothing moved. I went to get my phone to check time and text a friend about sighting and they were still there, not moving. I stopped watching after about 5 more minutes as I was really unnerved by the whole thing.

Puffs Of White Cloud-Northampton, Kingsthorpe-Summertime, June 2016 or 2017

Location Of Sighting :
Northampton, Kingsthorpe
Date Of Sighting :
Summertime, June 2016 or2017
around 5pm
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
I was sitting alone in the hot sun in my own back garden by the kitchen door soaking up the suns rays, as at this time of day the sun moves around to my back door. My eyes were closed,but,something made me open my eyes and i looked up into the brilliant clear blue sky, and, i was surprised to watch a small puff of white cloud appear out of nowhere and then half circle around and make another shape and puff a dot more, into a weird shape, i thought, initially, an upside down question mark, but then it looked more like the Thomas Cook or Thomson’s logo, a winky smile.. Creepy. …then the three white puffs drifted away. I felt strange and somehow that they knew my whole life story, they are just laughing at us and everything is absolutely a huge cruel joke.

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Three Lights In Triangular Formation-Northampton-7th October 2018

Location Of Sighting :Northampton U.K.
Date Of Sighting :7 October 2018
Time:Approximately 10.30
Witness Name:Lee K
Witness Statement: I was outside having a cigarette starring at the sky as I normally do at night when outside smoking. I saw what at first appeared to be a meteor. Initially it was moving in a straight line, after a couple of seconds it appeared to be three small lights in a triangular shape. After noticing this, it’s path took a zigzag like change in its direction, but eventually ended up in the same kind of direction it had initially been moving in. I can’t imagine that a plane, satellite or meteor would be able to make such sudden movements at such high speed. Eventually after about 6 seconds it disappeared out of view behind the houses on the next street along!

Luminescent Light-Northampton-3rd June 2017

Location of Sighting:Northampton
Date of Sighting:3rd June 2017
Witness Name:Nick
Witness Statement:Standing having a cigarette at a golf course, in pitch blackness, watching the moon and obvious aircraft on an established flight path. The sky was 90% clear with the odd low lying whispy cloud crossing the moon. Stars and planets very visible. I suddenly caught sight of very piercing bright, luminescent light crossing the sky in a very straight line. It left no trail. It’s speed was consistent as was its altitude. Not moving at any great speed if I’m honest but not ‘floating’ either. It’ didn’t twinkle and it was bright white. It’s luminescence didn’t change at all in relation to its position like a reflection would. The kicker, however, was when it transitioned the cloud that was crossing the moon. I was expecting it to disappear or fade as it passed behind a cloud, but it didn’t, ruling out a satellite. Then, as it continued away from me, it simply faded to a dark orange glow and vanished. There were at least 2 aircraft in the same vicinity at that time and they couldn’t have looked more different to the object I saw. It travelled far too far across the sky for it to have been a drone. Too low for a satellite and too bright and white for a Chinese lantern. Of course I was alone. Of course my phone wasn’t in my pocket. Of course nobody believed me. So, I carry it alone. My first UFO. A new believer.


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Lights moving in circular motion -Corby / Northamptonshire-1st February 2107

Location of Sighting: Corby / Northamptonshire/ England
Date of Sighting: 01.02.2017
Time: 16:20
Witness Name: Julia L.
Witness Statement: My preschool daughter pointed out of the window to show me what I thought was initially a flock of seagulls, but some of them were reflecting light and were kind of moving in a circular motion (a bit like the recent video of flying objects recorded at the Mexican border). I don’t know what it was but they were for sure some forms of flying objects, which were still visible when they entered a cloud. I am not a saucer fanatic or even believer as such, but that freaked me out. I don’t know what I would prefer less aliens or some sort of new military invention…


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