Category: Northumberland

Seaton Deleval/ Seaton Sluice – 22nd May 2016

Location of Sighting: Seaton Deleval/ Seaton Sluice Date of Sighting: 22nd May 2016 Time: 2230 Witness Name: Jack and Josh Witness Statement:On Sunday 22nd May at 2230 hrs I was witness to unusual Nocturnal Lights/UFO. I was driving from Blyth in Northumberland to take my friend back home in Shiremoor. It was a reasonably clear […]

Otterburn -3rd May 2016

Location of Sighting: Otterburn Date of Sighting: 3rd May 2016 Time: 3pm Witness Name: Bob Edgar Witness Statement:At 3pm today I was travelling north from the throckley area in Newcastle when me and my passenger noticed probably in Northumberland (otterburn) what looked like a jet traveling vertical dead plum it went very quickly till about […]

Shilbottle-3rd January 2013

Location of Sighting: Shilbottle Date of Sighting: 03/01/13 Time: 09:45 Witness Name: Paul Witness Statement: I was walking from my car back to my houses when I noticed a very vibrant white ish light almost fluorescent in colour, it was traveling so fast and seemed to be so high there is no way it could […]

Ashington, Northumberland-Jan 2012 to present

Location of Sighting: Ashington, Northumberland Date of Sighting: From Jan 2012 to present Time: Night and day Witness Name: Davey White Witness Statement: I am a taxi driver in Ashington, I mainly work night time but odd daytimes. There is constant very relavent activity of which over the past year in certain places around Ashington […]