Category: Northumberland

Gubeon Golf Club, Morpeth Northumberland-October 1996

Location of Sighting: Gubeon Golf Club,Morpeth Northumberland Date of Sighting: Oct 1996 Time: 21.35 Witness Name: Brian Jewitt Witness Statement: I was proceeding home from work heading towards morpeth gubeon golf club,the night was chilly and clear ,about 100 yards from a t junction i glanced briefly to the right ans saw a burning object […]

East Ord, Berwick upon Tweed-5th May 2012

Location of Sighting: East Ord, Berwick upon Tweed Date of Sighting: 05.05.2012 Time: 10.25pm Witness Name: Dennis Witness Statement: It was around 10.25 pm. From the bedroom window of our bungalow, we could see a bright light shining through nearby trees. The light appeared red in colour, with a white outline, and sparkly around it’s […]

Shilbottle, Northumberland-25th February 2011

Location of Sighting: Shilbottle, Northumberland Date of Sighting: 25th February 2011 Time: 0513 Witness Name: Caroline Witness Statement: I have just witnessed 4 exceptionally bright ‘stars’ outside when I went out for a cigarette. I have been up for 2 and half hours and noticed these ‘stars’ this time but not on the previous 2 […]

Hexham-18th February 2012

Location of Sighting: Hexham Date of Sighting: 18th February 2012 Time: around 9.30pm Witness Name: Shea Witness Statement: Bright White disk suddenly appears moving at tremendous speed in a parralel line across the night sky to south, at low altitude, then light fades out within 3-6 secounds while stil moving. Source: Comment : If […]

Longhoughton, Northumberland-16th February 2012

Location of Sighting: Longhoughton, Northumberland Date of Sighting: Thursday 16th February 2012 Time: 1900 Witness Name: Neil Witness Statement: Whilst stood at an RAF Camp approx 1 mile SE of the village of Longhoughton in North Northumberland, a colleague and I observed what we can only describe as a ball of yellow white light which […]

A68 Birtley-13th February 2012

Location of Sighting: A68 Birtley Date of Sighting: 13/2/2012 Time: Approx 8.35pm Witness Name: SA Witness Statement: Hovering in a field next to the A68 just before Birtley junction, 3 white lights in triangle formation. No movement, not at a great height either. There was a single red flashing light to one side of the […]

Battlehill, Wallsend-Early 2000s

Location of Sighting: Battlehill, Wallsend Date of Sighting: Early 2000s Time: unknown Witness Name: Paul Clark Witness Statement: hi i want to start by saying that it wasnt a ufo sighting but what i think to be an actual alien sighting.. im not a crazy person and i have thought this through over the years […]