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White Lights-Llandrinio-14th January 2010

Location Of Sighting :
Date Of Sighting :
14th January 2010
Witness Name:
Kevin B
Witness Statement
I’d just returned from rehearsing with a band on an extremely cold and clear evening. I saw several white lights moving from left to right in a straight line with no noise behind my house, appearing to be about a mile away and fairly low flying for aircraft. They were much too slow to be planes and too quiet for helicopters. I’d only moved into the house for about a week, and thought it was something in the distance at first (lights in nearby cliffs at town called Pant) but then realused they were moving. Had to go in to let dogs out as they were barking and had been left alone for a few hours. Also it was so cold, so I wanted to get inside. In the morning I realised the cliffs were not even visible in that area and I was baffled as to what I’d seen the night before and have been curious – and obsessed with sightings ever since slowly becoming more interested. Just found this site so wanted to record my sighting. I can remember the date and time accurately due to the date I moved into the house and my routine rehearsals with a band at the time.

UK UFO Sighting Report 180701- Fast Turning Bright White Lights – Bwlchadarr Llangedwyn-29th June 2018

Location of Sighting: Bwlchadarr Llangedwyn
Date of Sighting: 29th June 2018
Time: 1am
Witness Name: Nicolas Barlow
Witness Statement: One small bright lights was crossing the night sky on a normal trajectory,it then started to make impossible turns and continued in the same area ,after 10 minutes of watching it another larger bright white light appeared a bit closer to me (but above airtraffic lane) started making similar movements, I was standing there in bewilderment 4 commercial planes flew over and the 3 more and then increased activity of normal planes heading in similar headings..for over 30 minutes possibly 15 planes ,,all the while the afore mentioned lights did whatever they where doing..and faded from sight,,I don’t normally subscribe to UFOs etc and quite sceptical on the subject.but I cannot explain what I saw ,I now have a firm belief we are not alone,even if it was experimental aircraft,,there’s no way it’s been developed without unknown technology to counter the g force the assumed aircraft must have been pulling…still quite bewildered,and my mind is trying to convince me of logic..but it simply defied it ..I hope this is of use to someone

Off A470 in Merthyr-19th September 2013

Location of Sighting: Off A470 in Merthyr
Date of Sighting: 19/09/13
Time: 21:30
Witness Name: Anon

Witness Statement: We were driving past the A470. A bright White light seemed to be falling and fell behind the tree line into the valley. It fell about the speed of a flare but it was a clear night and there was absolutely no smoke coming from it. Thought maybe a parachute light or maybe a flare but can’t find any without smoke. Also strange that it was above and near to houses. Also saw helicopter like lights nearby later on and someone else we told also saw something similar several miles away but saw a chinook. I know they do lots of military training nearby in the Brecon Beacons but it seemed to close to a residential area and there was absolutely no visible smoke.


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Brecon, Powys, Wales-20th December 2012

Location of Sighting: Brecon, Powys, Wales
Date of Sighting: 20th December 2012
Time: 7.27pm
Witness Name: Frances Chaffey

Witness Statement: I was standing on my drive seeing my son and grandson off in their car when I heard a noise, looked up and saw 3 lights in the sky travelling from the direction of the Brecon Beacons towards. The front light was I think red and the other 2 white, all looked as though they faced downwards and had a halo around them. Afterwards I conferred with my son as it happened so quickly we both weren’t sure if the first light was red or green but we agreed red. As I looked I realised my eyes could see a triangle. The points appeared rounded. It was dark. No trail or anything else. Lights weren’t flashing. The craft was quite large and was travelling at a fair speed ie not slow, not fast and making a droning noise. My son and grandson saw it as well, but he was too late to get his camera phone. Would be interested to see if anyone else observed it. A similar object was seen in this area a few weeks ago but did not emit sound.


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Powys, Llandrindod Wells, Rock Park-12th February 2012

Location of Sighting: Powys, Llandrindod Wells, Rock Park
Date of Sighting: 12th February 2012
Time: 10:30pm
Witness Name: Tim

Witness Statement: I was walking my dog with my two sons. Visibility was good for the time of night, there was broken cloud and strong moonlight. A movement above me caught my attention.
What happened was very fast, but was also seen by one of my sons, aged 16.
I saw a large dark shape, my son and I thought at approximately 200 feet, moving very quickly from the west. It was just black, vaguely triangular in shape, and the size we thought around that of a hang glider, or larger. It was only in sight for a couple of seconds, moving to the east, before losing sight of it in the night sky. There were no lights on it at all, and it was absolutely silent. I’m not prone to imagining things, and I’ve spent much time outside at night without seeing anything like this before. I found it really unsettling.


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