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Category: Somerset

Milverton Somerset-27th September 2014

Location of Sighting: Milverton Somerset Date of Sighting: 27th September 2014 Time: Approx 2am Witness Name: N Quarmby Witness Statement: I was at a party with my husband it was late, and we were watching fire jugglers, I turned to look at the sky, as I thought I saw a spectacular shooting star, what I […]

Minehead, Somerset-2nd June 2014

Location of Sighting: Minehead, Somerset Date of Sighting: 2/6/2014 Time: around 11pm Witness Name:Gavin Hetherington Witness Statement:I was sat in my flat with my friend and brother playing on the computer when I heard what sounded like a low plane but with a strnge low humming noise, so I looked out of my window and […]

Bristol-10th December 2013

Location of Sighting: Bristol Date of Sighting: 10/12/13 Time: 2:55 AM Witness Name: Nathan Witness Statement:I woke up to a humming sound and looked out my bedroom window when everything went silent. I then see a very slow moving light with other coloured flashing lights which would not flash in a specific order. I called […]

Somerton, Somerset-3rd December 2013

Location of Sighting: Somerton, Somerset Date of Sighting: 03/12/2013 Time: 18:15 Witness Name: Mark Witness Statement: Walking the dog this evening, I heard the distinctive sound of a light aircraft?s prop pitch change several times directly overhead. I was on Perry Hill, just out of Somerton; Clouds were heavy overhead with a 600 to 700 […]