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Dark shape travelling East to West-Whitchurch, Bristol-6th October 2018

Location Of Sighting :Whitchurch, Bristol
Date Of Sighting :Saturday 6th October 2018
Witness Name:Rachel
Witness Statement:I was stood in my garden looking at the stars, when I saw a meteor. Straight after this something caught my eye, a dark shape travelling East to West.
I couldn’t determine a shape as such but it was like a dark wave speeding across the sky.It was silent, no lights and going fairly fast.
Seems odd that if came from same direction that the meteor came from. I would be interested if anyone saw the same that night.

Daylight Sighting Spherical And Cylindrical Objects-Batcombe, Somerset-5th August 2018

Location Of Sighting :Batcombe, Somerset
Date Of Sighting :5th August 2018
Time: Approx 18:00
Witness Name:Mark H
Witness Statement: Myself and my friend Amy were lying on a picnic blanket looking vertically upwards into the clear blue sky overhead. Something caught my attention in the far left periphery of my eyeline. My first thought was a bird but a plit second later I dismissed this as a, there were no flapping wings and b, it appeared cylindrical in shape. My mind quickly categorised it as a drone however this object didn’t have a solid outline and after discussion with my friend it was way too high for a drone. It moved very quickly from left to right (west to east) across my field of vision. We were sat on top of a hill and were enjoying almost 360 degree views. I told Amy but she couldn’t see it. My eye followed it until it ran out of site. I estimate the height to be between 3500 -7000 feet above me and the whole incident lasted around 5-6 seconds.
Approximately 10 minutes later I saw another object on the same trajectory. This time as I pointed it out Amy saw it too and we both watched it cross the clear blue sky. Again the object was very high in the sky and therefore moving extremely fast taking again 5-6 seconds to pass through our fields of vision. My eye followed this object right until the far horizon. Again this object had no distinct outline giving it a hazy or fuzzy experience. However, this time the object was spherical in shape as opposed to cylindrical.

Approximately 10-15 minutes later I witnessed the exact same phenomenon again only this time Amy could not find it in the sky despite my efforts. Again 3500 – 7000(?) feet above, hazy outline and spherical in shape, travelling west to east, the whole episode lasting 5-6 seconds.

White Orb – Somerset – Devon Border (Blackdown Hills) 23rd June 2018

Location of Sighting: Somerset, Devon border (Blackdown Hills)
Date of Sighting: 23 June 2018
Time: 9.50am
Witness Name: Malbus
Witness Statement: Sat in garden on a gorgeous sunny morning, pure blue skies, no cloud, no wind, virtually still air. Saw a white orb pass steadily overhead, possibly about a mile away. Was not fast, just moving slowly from North to South (from Buckland St Mary heading towards South Coast) I thought the sun was making it bright white, but it seemed to be actually glowing brighter than just the sun hitting an object. Hard to tell exact size or gauge distance correctly as there was no reference point, but it was the equivalent of looking at one of those zorb balls from about a mile away but bright white and glowing. It was silent and just simply going in one direction at a steady pace. It wouldn’t have caught your eye if you weren’t looking in the sky as the morning was gorgeously bright and sunny. Event happened for about 20 seconds. I felt it was intelligently controlled and observing as it passed by heading towards Seaton, Devon. It was definitely something out of the ordinary the longer I observed it.

Silver Triangular Object-Taunton-17th November 2017

Location of Sighting: Taunton
Date of Sighting: 17.11.17
Time: 4pm
Witness Name: Colin Vile
Witness Statement: I looked out of my patio door and saw a strange object in the sky about a mile away. I unlocked the door and stepped outside. The object was considerably closer now and I could clearly see it. It was about the size of two hang gliders triangular in shape and very silvery and shiny. It could even have been lights, but I think it was bright reflections. I called to the wife, but as she is disabled it took her a few moments to arrive. I fumbled for my phone, but by the time the camera was active the object was going into the distance. I I took a couple of pictures, but these are far from being clear or convincing. It was completely silent. It was travelling south easterly. Now I am a recently retired college lecturer and a sceptic. The best explanation I have is that it was a deflating weather balloon, but it sure looked odd!

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Milverton Somerset-27th September 2014

Location of Sighting: Milverton Somerset
Date of Sighting: 27th September 2014
Time: Approx 2am
Witness Name: N Quarmby

Witness Statement: I was at a party with my husband it was late, and we were watching fire jugglers, I turned to look at the sky, as I thought I saw a spectacular shooting star, what I thought was a shooting star transformed into three lights which formed a perfect triangle pointing towards the earth, each corner was lit very brightly, I know it was not a plane or helicopter, my husband also witnessed this, It was a perfectly clear night also, which the lights were much brighter than the stars and much bigger, it looked like it was hovering, then vanished, did anyone else see anything like this last night, very intrigued to say the least


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