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Newmarket, Suffolk-7th October 2014

Location of Sighting: Newmarket, Suffolk
Date of Sighting: 07/10/14
Time: Approx 7:15
Witness Name: Mark

Witness Statement: I was in my back garden having a cig after returning from work when I noticed three lights in the sky which I initially thought to be stars but noticed two of them moving in an easterly direction, in line, no sound at all. The third light which I still assumed to be a star was static and then moved in a arc and followed the other two lights. All three lights went out before moving out of my line of sight.


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Stanton, Suffolk-26th September 2014

Location of Sighting: Stanton, Suffolk
Date of Sighting: 26 September 2014
Time: 22:15
Witness Name: Sharon P

Witness Statement: Whilst relaxing in my garden hot tub star gazing I witnessed as straight light moving jerkily across the sky from south to east. It was not a smooth movement across the sky like an aircraft or satellite. I watched it for a few minuets before it became obscured by clouds. Unlike regular aircraft traffic there were no flashing lights, and each time it moved it moved quickly in small bursts, sometimes it even moved backwards. I have lived around air traffic all my life and this light did not move like any ordinary aircraft.


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Newmarket-7th June 2014

Location of Sighting: Newmarket
Date of Sighting: 7 June 2014
Time: 2240
Witness Name: Jordan

Witness Statement: Went outside to have a smoke, looked up in the sky and saw a moving light going across the sky at a steady speed. The light was too bright and fast to be a satellite, I have seen satellites before. It was not a plane because it had not flashing and it was the same brightness the entire time I watched until it faded away. I am an experienced sky watcher and I listen to Coast 2 Coast AM all the time. I could not identify this object.


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Rendlesham Forest-July 2013

Location of Sighting: Rendlesham Forest
Date of Sighting: July 2013
Time: Around midnight
Witness Name: Joe

Witness Statement: I was with a group of 7 people on a UFO watch in July 2013 and at the end of the evening as we were about to depart from the forest we observed a ‘Jelly fish’ shaped craft hovering in the sky towards the Tunstall area. The craft was changing colours and looked as though it was changing shape. We also observed a smaller object come from underneath it, fly to the right side of the craft and then dissapear back into it. Earlier in the evening we observed shadow figures moving very quickly in the forest and a sudden silence – all the insects and birds stopped for around a minute. We are all experienced paranormal investigators and are very careful to take note of what we observe. The forest continues to be a very active place.


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Location of Sighting: Various
Date of Sighting: 1980-2013
Time: Various
Witness Name: Gavin Harold

Witness Statement:UFO?s
I?ve been meaning to record a summary of personal sightings for some while, but several recent ones have finally prompted the following notes.

Central East Anglia (In car, between Thetford and Diss). Early evening. I was one of four witnesses. Initially a bright white light among the stars. Became evident that it was descending. Changed from constant bright white, to flashing lig…hts of differing colours. Hovered approximately 100 feet above our now stationary car for around 10 seconds. Viewed craft from open car window. No discernable noise. Departed vertically at high speed. Same night as famous events at Rendlesham (20 miles south-east).

Circa 1985
Framlingham ( Suffolk ). Afternoon, sunshine, very few clouds, good visibility. Sun reflecting (in my direction) off stationary object next to small cloud. On closer viewing I found it to be a tubular/cigar shaped, metallic object. Remained stationary (horizontal) for approximately 5 seconds. Departed vertically at high speed. Out of sight within 3 seconds.

Framlingham to Sweffling road (B1119). Early evening. Approximately half mile or more ahead, a slightly arced (horizontal) red light was stationary & above distant tree-top level. Although a considerable distance ahead, light source gave impression of being very sizeable. Red light faded out. In same position and shape, a series of 6 or 7 bright white lights appeared systematically from right to left. Once last light on left appeared, a very sharp increase in light intensity was quickly followed by fading out. Having stopped car (along with one other motorist), I then drove toward source of lights, but nothing else seen. Discomfort with eyes for day or two.

Circa 1999
Diss to Framlingham road (Farm opposite turning to Depperhaugh House, Chickering). Late evening. Passenger witnessed horizontal row of 3 white lights hovering some 100 feet above barn to right of farmhouse, set back around 150 yards from road. Stopped car in farm drive entrance. Object began slowly drifting toward our position. Stepped out of car. When almost directly above, it gradually turned 90? right, and slowly departed in direction of Diss. Impossible to define shape. Craft appeared to be black, against very dark skyline. No lights other than the 3 at front, but slight orange haze at back. No discernable noise, despite very low altitude.

Framlingham. Early morning (around 1am). Woken by 2 helicopters. In addition, a singular stationary bright white light in sky over town. Used camcorder, recording around 10 minutes footage. Sighting lasted over half an hour. Helicopters departed area after roughly 15 ? 20 minutes. A second smaller white light appeared below/left of main light source, suggesting a sizeable singular craft or two smaller stationary objects. Two or three very small lights/orbs then seen to emerge from (and then return to) the light source area. Slowly, the craft drifted away and out of sight. No noise. Hope to upload footage to PC and attempt to clean up/establish more clarity from analogue tape. The above can be seen on tape playback.

Circa 2009
Framlingham. Early evening (dusk). Black cuboid shaped object flew in straight line over house. No discernible light emitted. No noise. Viewed for less than 10 seconds.

Outskirts of Framlingham & Orford ( Suffolk ). On two separate occasions, I saw (from car) orange coloured orbs of light moving quickly across a dark skyline at fairly low altitude. No other notable features.

August. Kefalonia ( Greece ). For 3 consecutive nights, a bright orange light seen to appear at dusk in sky above Argostoli (Island Capital), some 15km n/w of our location. On each occasion, remained in same position until around 10.30pm before suddenly disappearing.

August. Easyjet flight from Kefalonia back to UK . Daytime. Excellent visibility. Three other aircraft off to our port side. Closest at similar altitude to us, other two lower. Each aircraft appeared to be similar distance apart and flying in same direction. Off port side, at our altitude, a white/metallic curved-edge cuboid shaped craft (of similar size to our passenger plane) flew past from opposite direction to that of flight path. Difficult to establish likely distance, but would estimate between quarter & half a mile. Only observed features were two dark strips of colour horizontal around its centre. No vapour trail, but clearly defined wedge shaped slipstream. Having passed, object manoeuvred sharply to its right before visual contact

October. Outskirts of Framlingham. A ?bobbing? white light, fluctuating from dull to bright was seen in the distance from back garden. Object began fading from view, as though travelling further away, before appearing to sweep round to the right and horizontally across the skyline at speed. Began viewing object through binoculars, and a defined triangular formation of three small white lights could be seen for just 3 or 4 seconds until out of view.

October. A large bright white light stationary, at high altitude, in close proximity to Mendlesham Transmitting Station ( Suffolk ), and initially viewed whilst driving with passenger witnesses on A140. Object visible throughout journey (13 miles east) to home in Framlingham. Object then viewed from first floor window, just a little above distant tree level. Small/barely visible light fell vertically to the ground in same area. A few seconds later, a flash of white light appeared to emanate from impact point. A few minutes later, the object faded from view.


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