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Ferring West Sussex-5th December 2016

Location of Sighting: Ferring West Sussex Date of Sighting: 05/12/16 Time: 5:55-6:03pm Witness Name: Jack McBrien Witness Statement:Very strange. I cannot really explain what I saw, I was travelling across the Goring gap near Ferring travelling West when I noticed a huge strange object floating above the village of Ferring. The object was large and […]

Horsham West Sussex-24th September 2016

Location of Sighting: Horsham West Sussex Date of Sighting: 24th September 2016 Time: 2030hrs Witness Name: S. Ward Witness Statement: At approximately 2030hrs high in the sky moving away in a north northeasterly direction were 2 bright white lights. One behind the other they moved slowly through the sky before they seemed to vanish. At […]