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Flashing Green Orb-Newcastle Upon Tyne-20th August 2020

Location Of Sighting :
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
Chris W
Witness Statement
Bright green orb flashed in sky as a army plane flew past.I originally thought it was a flare but the plane moved on and the light continued at the same or similar altitude light flashed on in 15 second intervals for around 2 minutes and was witnessed by a workmate.

Doughnut Shaped Object-Gateshead-Above the Angel of the North-12th April 2020

Location Of Sighting :
Gateshead (Above the Angel of the North)
Date Of Sighting :
5:30ish pm
Witness Name:
Michael S
Witness Statement
Walking towards the Angel of the North, my daughter spotted a doughnut shaped object in the sky hovering.
As we got closer to the Angel it rose into the sky until it disappeared.

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Craft Gliding From Sunderland Towards Newcastle – Sunderland To Newcastle – 11th March 2018

Location of Sighting: over sunderland on to above newcastle air port
Date of Sighting: 11.03.2018
Time: app.12.14am/12.18
Witness Name: Andrew Doran
Witness Statement: 5 millitary like air craft ,as i looked up, to my amazement i witnessed a some sort of aircraft gliding towards newcastle air port.then i noticed followed by another 4 te accuracy of the distance between one another was pin point all had same distance to the next i woke my mother and we rushed to catch the strange objects looking over newcastle we witnessed activity over the runways. i waited and watched about 15 mins later a sort of millitary plane flew over there was no asuall airplanes going over which is very unusuall as i watch all the time and this was not normal was the airport shut down after about 12.15 am

Bright Red Circular Light – Newcastle Upon Tyne,Wallsend-15th February 2017

Location of Sighting: Newcastle Upon Tyne,Wallsend.
Date of Sighting: 15.2.2017
Time: 9.00 p.m
Witness Name: Derek Beak
Witness Statement: I was sitting in my sitting room with my partner having just sent my son up stairs to get ready for bed.I was looking out of the window and noticed a bright red circular light move from the left to right and come to a stand still in the sky.I turned to my partner and said did you see that? she replied what now.i said that look at that red light.As we looked i shouted to my son who is 9yrs old to go and have a look out of the front bedroom window and see if he could see what we were looking at.As i looked on the light moved upwards and then back down to where it was.My partner said its an aeroplane or a helicopter.I said planes dont move that way but i admit id did resemble a helicopters movement to some extent.but having seen many of those in flight this object was certainly different.I asked my partner to try and get a picture on her phone but she didnt bother and said i was mad and that it was an aeroplane.I continued to look on and then suddenly out of the right hand side a bright green light emerged as though it was going to seperate. This light blinked a couple of times and went back into the red light..the object started to move to the right slowly descending.I ran upstairs to see my son but he was looking in the opposite direction.i said not that way and showed him where i meant.My son watched as the object moved off into the distance but we could still see it clearly as it did not seem to lose size. There are local ship yards in our area and this is where the object seemed to be heading.There are cranes in that area which you can see clearly from our window lit up at crane has a bright red light on top which you can make out clearly and this is where the object stopped and also appeared to be the same sort of height.the object then started to descend slowly and then speeded up as it dropped it shrank in size until it looked at ground level and vanished.I am interested in u.f.o phenomena and have had many sightings my self more so over the last few months some of which are in the same area but much different to each other.i feel that i need an answer to all of what i have seen an have often thought of being regressed if this is possible.

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Churchill Street, Howdon. Newcastle upon Tyne-29th September 2016

Location of Sighting: Churchill Street, Howdon. Newcastle upon tyne
Date of Sighting: 29/09/16
Time: 5:55 pm
Witness Name: Wayne Chilcott & son
Witness Statement: See an oval black object about the size of bus or small van hovering above houses in broad day light. I would have missed this if son didn’t point it out to me. It looked like a matt black metallic object with line feature through middle going horizontally. When out of view I followed to location to where I thought it should be but was then a couple of miles away hovering again. I was taking children home in car throughout the full sighting.


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