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Red Glowing Ball – Over Cefn – 2007

Location Of Sighting : Over cefn Date Of Sighting : 2007 Time: 10pm Witness Name: Andrew Witness Statement I lived on the top floor of Swansea road flats and me and a friend was sitting in the window looking down into the cefn valley when we spotted a odd red glowing ball of light just […]


06/JAN 2018 Time: 2230-23:00 hrs Witness Name: Michelle Witness Statement: By B&Q roundabout massive triangle object no sound really low! lights in 3 points were like an army stripe shape 2 of them at each point! Lights yellow but like a mist cloud effect over them! Sky was clear! Then disappeared but came back on […]

Wrexham, Hightown-30th June 2012

Location of Sighting: Wrexham, Hightown Date of Sighting: June 30th 2012 Time: 11.00pm Witness Name: J.Craddock Witness Statement: I watched the weirdest thing..was walking past the dinning room window and I saw large bright white was odd, low and moving slow apart to go over our house…I shouted my partner and we went to […]

Wrexham, North Wales-30th June 2012

Location of Sighting: Wrexham, North Wales Date of Sighting: June 30th 2012 Time: 9.30pm Witness Name: Gem & Kate Witness Statement: Looking at the sky from my back garden we noticed a red/orange star like object which seemed to be spinning around as it went over my house. It was also followed by 2 black […]

Gresford Roundabout, Wrexham-20th March 2012

Location of Sighting: Gresford Roundabout, Wrexham Date of Sighting: 20/3/2012 Time: Around 19.00 Witness Name: Sean Edwards + 3 witnesses Witness Statement: Had been to my sons parents evening at ysgol Morgan llwyd as we approached the A483 gresford we (4 of us) noticed 3 orange lights in triangular shape following A483 in an east […]