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Category: Yorkshire

Large Green Object-Keighley-31st December 2017

Location of Sighting: Dual carriageway Keighley, at roundabout before Silsden Date of Sighting: 31.12.2017. Time: 17:30 Witness Name: Debbie Banyard Witness Statement: Approaching the roundabout I saw something large with a bright trail and a green head moving quickly and horizontally across the sky. It was coming from the right, passed above and to the […]

Pale Orb – Oxenhope-25th November 2017

Location of Sighting: Oxenhope Date of Sighting: 25 Nov 2017 Time: 16.00 Witness Name: Ed Grain Witness Statement: Sitting on the highest point of the road between oxenhope and Hebden bridge saw a pale (white with red/yellow tinge) orb moving slowly, against the wind at cloud base height (3-4,000 ft) until it slowly disappeared into […]