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Cigar Shaped Craft-Himalayas-About 1950

Location Of Sighting : Himalayas – Sunderland Library Date Of Sighting : About 1950 Witness Name: Thomas Nash Witness Statement In a non-fiction book on mountain climbing in the Himalayas, I came across a pen and ink sketch showing a four-man party with two pack-ponies trekking along a scrubby mountain ridge. Above and a 100 […]

Indian Ocean – December 4th 2013

Location: Indian Ocean Date: December 4th 2013 Time: 5:02:38am Shutter speed: 1/800 Resolution: 4608×3456 Camera Model: Coolpix P510 Description of events: I was just setting up my camera after arriving in the Maldives. Changing shutter speeds, colours and detail. Just noticed this in one of my pictures. Did not see it on the view finder […]

Bangalore,India-16th June 2012

Location of Sighting: Bangalore,India Date of Sighting: 16th June 2012 Time: Around 11.20 Witness Name: Chaitra and Hridya Witness Statement: When we stepped to feed our dog we saw a white light moving from left to right, to and fro.It appeared for around 10mins and then vanished.We thought it could be the moon but ruled […]

Bangalore (India)-24th August 2009

Location of Sighting: Bangalore (India) Date of Sighting: 24th Aug 09 Time: 2100 hrs night Witness Name: raju Witness Statement: i was driving home with my friend i saw group of 6 green light & sky was cloudy it blinked & disapear in 2,3 secands it may be ufo. if u can answer what it […]