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Category: Ireland

Kenmare,Co.Kerry,Ireland-March 1990

Sighting: Kenmare,Co.Kerry,Ireland Date of Sighting: March?1990 Time: around midnight Witness Name: Anthony Witness Statement: Heading home from work one night I noticed a “glowing cloud”,something between light blue and pale yellow and about 8 to 10 miles distant from me over Kenmare.I stopped to look at it and try to work out what it was.After […]

County Wicklow-5th March 2012

Location of Sighting: County Wicklow Date of Sighting: 5th March 2012 Time: Evening Witness Name: William Witness Statement: I was driving from work in Co Wicklow last monday evening over the wicklow mountains a very low flying disk shaped craft flew over my van and it was grey with one small red light under the […]

Ballingarry, South Tipperary, Ireland-12th December 2011

Location of Sighting: Ballingarry,, south Tipperary,Ireland Date of Sighting: 12/12/2011 Time: 18:00/18:15 Witness Name: Michael Perdue Witness Statement: I was out walking the dog,it was clear and the stars were very clear,I noticed 4 lights,2 of which were very bright and looked like satellites except for their movement,they moved from south to north and then […]

25 Miles North of Dublin-26th October 2011

Location of Sighting: 25 Miles North of Dublin Date of Sighting: 26th October 2011 Time: 3 30pm Witness Name: John Reilly Witness Statement: Driving home in the afternoon, 100yards in front, I see A grey silver disc shape ufo, above the ground, about 20 yards off the ground, there were no lights no movement on […]

Dublin, Ireland-31st October 2011

Location of Sighting: Dublin, Ireland Date of Sighting: 31 October 2011 Time: around 9 pm Witness Name: jc Witness Statement: Looking out of back window of house facing south at fireworks going off in grounds of Royal Hospital Donnybrook. Suddenly red / orange ball appeared travelling west to east very fast. Appeared to be c. […]