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Translucent Jellyfish Craft-Hubei China-September 2000

Location Of Sighting :
Hubei China
Date Of Sighting :
September 2000
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
I was in a second floor apartment in a Chinese village. I saw lights pass near the windows. I thought it was a helicopter. I went to the large window. I saw at least a dozen different lights. Neon fluorescent pink green blue lights. Craft flying and drifting all over the sky. They looked like translucent jellyfish – some of them were shooting out laser style fireworks lights + some ships teleported and reappeared in different parts of the sky. I watched this incredible sighting for perhaps one and a half hours. At some points I had almost a psychic or telepathic link with the ships that might have been living light forms. Several ships turned on their sides and fired lasers towards the ground – it looked like they were collecting soil samples. To see this was an incredible confirmation of my beliefs about the supernatural and the paranormal.

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Cigar Shaped Craft-Himalayas-About 1950

Location Of Sighting :
Himalayas – Sunderland Library
Date Of Sighting :
About 1950
Witness Name:
Thomas Nash
Witness Statement
In a non-fiction book on mountain climbing in the Himalayas, I came across a pen and ink sketch showing a four-man party with two pack-ponies trekking along a scrubby mountain ridge. Above and a 100 yards to the right of the men, was a hovering cigar sharp (ufo) with three portholes.Figures were seen observing them from the portholes with a look of compassion. The ufo was pointed at both ends with no signs of propulsion,It was roughly a bit longer than the trekking party. The ufo was seen three days later.

Red And White Oval Shaped Object, Cwmbran, Torfaen, Wales, 2nd August 2018

Location of Sighting: Cwmbran Torfaen
Date of Sighting: 2nd August 2018
Time: 2am
Witness Name: Claire Jones
Witness Statement: looking up at sky seen red and white lights on what looked a oval shape object but was moving back and forth for a about 10 mins then would only see white light which seemed to look as if it was traveling away but then would come back with red light on again was seen by me and my husband tried to film it but could not see a thing on camera then seemed to just hover in same place before hiding behind clouds then back again then just went behind cloud faded and gone

Bright Light, Ceredigion, Near Llanybydder, Wales, 10th May 2018

Location of Sighting: Near Llanybydder, Ceredigion, Wales
Date of Sighting: 10/05/2018
Time: 23:43-23:51
Witness Name: Alan
Witness Statement: My mother and I both witnessed a bright light in the sky slowly moving from the south towards the east from our doorstep as we were letting the dog out.

The light was constant, never blinking or changing as it got nearer to the east, when it was directly east of us it dimmed for a few seconds and then returned just as bright as before while still continuing it’s journey in a slightly north easternly direction before I lost sight of it when I was distracted by the dog, when I looked for it again it had disappeared.

There was no sound and nothing to indicate it was a plane or helicopter at high altitude.