Category: Worldwide UFO Sightings

Bing Bung China-5th December 2013

Location of Sighting: Bing Bung China Date of Sighting: Dec 5th Time: 1200 Zulu Witness Name:Anon Witness Statement:I know you guys are intelligent and discerning. I would welcome feedback on some information that has come my way. We know Amazon are considering using drones to deliver goods to customers. However, I have heard that Ann […]

Pensol France – early September 2013

Location of Sighting: Pensol France Date of Sighting: early September 2013 Time: 2200 hours Witness Name: David Kenna Witness Statement:I watched what I thought was a small aircraft which was a good distance away from me but near enough for me to hear an engine but no sound was emitting from it,it shows what I […]

Graciosa Island, Azores-Late August 2009

Location of Sighting: Graciosa Island, Azores Date of Sighting: Late August 2009 Time: 11pm approx. Witness Name:Mike Ford Witness Statement: While stargazing late one night during a vacation, my partner and I saw a light traveling more or less east-west. It at first looked like a satellite, but then it brightened rapidly, seeming to expand, […]

Thailand Sutkthoi UNESCO -June 2004

Location of Sighting: Thailand Sutkthoi UNESCO Date of Sighting: June 2004 Time: Unsure Witness Name: Richard B Witness Statement: I was on a Coach Party exploring the Ruins of Sutkhothoi UNESCO World heritage Site when I heard a loud Electrical Buzzing Noise that filled the Air around me. I took out my Camera and took […]

Pensol, France – 16th June 2013

Location of Sighting: Pensol, France Date of Sighting: 16th June 2013 Time: 10.50 european time Witness Name: David Kenna Witness Statement: this is the 2nd time i have seen this light in this direction so if it is a satalight please correct me but it travelled from wsw 44-ne60 on my compass,the sun had long […]

Pensol, France-12th April 2013

Location of Sighting: Pensol, France Date of Sighting: 12-04-13 Time: 11.45? Witness Name: David Kenna Witness Statement: sitting in room when a very bright flash appeared in the sky,i thought it is lightning but the bang came within a second of time and the house vibrated and my wife in another room thought the windows […]

Pensol, France-15th February 2013

Location of Sighting: Pensol 87440 Date of Sighting: 15/02/13 Time: 7.45 french time Witness Name: David Kenna Witness Statement: watched very high bright lite about the height of satellites but a bit brighter,observed it through binnocks all the way until it turned reddish and after a few seconds disappeared,it was on a level trajectory west […]