Caterham, Surrey-19th August 2011

Location of Sighting: Caterham Surrey
Date of Sighting: 19th August 2011
Time: 21.15
Witness Name: Paul Webber

Witness Statement: My wife and I witnessed 3 separate UFO sightings between 21.15 and 21.30.
All three were travelling in a northerly direction. They were square shaped and bright orange. The first 2 were travelling at high speed and followed similar paths with a time interval of around 5 minutes.The third was more distant and appeared to be travelling at a slower pace. These figures could not be mistaken for normal aircraft.


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Updated: August 23, 2011 — 8:59 pm


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  1. Several years ago I saw a UFO in France at night similar to the ones you mention. It was about half a mile away from me in open countryside, and a giant orange square that was quite a size. It made no noise, and was flying along at a leisurely pace. A friend witnessed it also, as it stopped in front of us and began to descend. I said to him that if it came down in front of the hill in front of us, it was the size of a bus but that if it went behind the hill it was more like the size of a football pitch. We saw the trees silhouetted against it as it passed behind the hill and out of sight. I’ve wondered ever since what I saw, it was not of this world and was startling. A silent giant self luminous orange square.

    You’ll never figure out what you saw, and people just don’t get it when you explain your experience to them.

  2. hello there,
    I have seen exactly the same arround christmas time, but whenever i reasearch it i come to a dead end, now ive started to look it upagain im coming up with interesting data, they are coming and i belive very soon they will make contact, looking at sourses they are looking at power stations nucleor i can not tell you any more than this as with the work i do it is top secret, you have nothing to fear they come in peace, i promice you that.

  3. Very interesting. I would like to know what it was. Who can tell me? Please send a comment that will solve this mystery.

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