Catforth, Preston, Lancashire-Various 2012

Location of Sighting: Catforth, Preston, Lancashire
Date of Sighting: Various, see below
Time: Various, see below
Witness Name: Paul

Witness Statement: Friday 30/03/12 approx 21:00 – 22:00.
Very bright object observed above Grimsargh/Ribchester area varying in altitude between approx 1000 to 3000 feet constantly changing colours which gave a sparkling effect, seemed to constantly dim and re-illuminate randomly. Object remained generally in same location and seemed to be accompanied by smaller, randomly sparkling objects travelling within local area. Weather was partially cloudy around 4 Oktas with a slight wind.

Saturday 14/04/12 approx 21:30 – 23:00.
Object observed approximately above Ribchester area travelliing toward Walton-Le-Dale, Preston, Barton and back to original position in a basic race track pattern between 1000 to 2000 feet. Object was very bright, constantly changing colours also seeming to dim and re-illuminate randomly. When dimmed object proceeded in a race-track type pattern around the local area, as it came relatively close and began travelling away from my view point it seemed to have x3 White lights on the underside in a triangular shape. Whilst object over Ribchester area, or probably slightly South of this it was approached by x3 other smaller sparkling lights which seemed to get extremely close and accompany it for a while. Although these smaller lights did not remain with the larger object for very long, they continued to be observed in the general area whilst the larger object was present. Weather was partially cloudy around 4 Oktas with a slight wind.

Sunday 15/04/12, 21:15.
Object first observed over Ribchester area very low at approximately 200 to 300 feet and was travelling slowly North until lost sight behind tress approx in line with Longridge. The object was very bright, constantly changing colours, dimming and re-illuminating randomly. Weather was cloudy, cloud base approx 6000 feet with a slight wind.

Thursday 19/04/12, 21:26.
Object initially observed over Kirkham travelling East at high altitude (approx 80,000 feet +) and high speed.
The object was very bright assumed to be the ISS but then observed a smaller object a few miles behind following exactly same track maybe at a slightly faster speed (seemed to be gaining on lead object). Objects observed until disappeared in distance. Could still potentaially have been the ISS being approached by a replenishment module?
Weather was partially cloudy (approx 4 Oktas) with a slight wind.

Sunday 20/05/12, 21:45.
Object observed above M55/M6 junction area on a cloudless, still but slightly hazy night at an altitude of approximately 100 feet. The object appeared to be constantly sparkling which was observed for 10 minutes before it seemed to simply fade away into nothing.

Tuesday 22/05/12, 22:06.
Object observed above M55/M6 junction area, or slightly further East very low in altitude around 50 to 200 feet, night was cloudless, no wind but a slight haze. The object resembled an Orange ?fiery? sphere initially appeared at a very low level gained altitude and travelled slowly South then stopped illuminating but when observed through binoculars a solid looking dark sphere could still be observed which descended and disappeared behind trees, object basically travelled in an arc. Same object observed approx 20 Mins later to the West of the Winter Hill transmitter whilst illuminating Orange and then again approx 1 Hour later in the original location very bright at approx 1500 to 2000 feet.

Monday 23/07/12, 22:57.
Object observed above Whittingham area, or beyond, difficult to judge range at a very low altitude of between approx 100 to 200 feet, night was very still with approx 4 Oktas of cloud.
The object consisted of a very bright White light varying in intensity, very, very slowly moving North until lost behind tree line, wobbling slightly as moving. Only observed for a few minutes.


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  1. Paul how far are you from BAE Warton & Samelesbury could be testing Uav & this is what you have seen might not be though just a thought.

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