Cavenham, Suffolk-4th January 2013

Location of Sighting: Cavenham, Suffolk
Date of Sighting: 4th Jan 2013
Time: around 8pm
Witness Name: sue

Witness Statement: Me an my husband were stargazing in the car with our son we stopped at the park in cavenham as the sky was clearing up.we noticed behind a pole appeared an orange light and at first it didn’t seem to b moving until it went really bright and then it dulled down and then started to move side to side up and down and then went down until we couldn’t no longer see it also while watching this our lights on our car seemed to flash that’s what i thought but my husband thought it was a flash from a camera or something….weird


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Updated: January 9, 2013 — 9:24 pm


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  1. Sounds like a chinese lantern to me, and I reckon your husband was right about the flash.

  2. If it was a chinese lantern i wouldnt of come on this site to tell u about it.are u guys paid to put people down when they tell their story?its just ive read a few stories on this site and cetain people are quick to put it down to something else and make that person feel silly for telling their stories before asking any may of been a flash from a camera but why did we get photographed there was no one else about anways.

  3. Plus it defenatly wasnt a chinese lantern it was all over the place and ot wasnt windy also it all of a sudden got really bright while stationary then dulled down and started moving all over the place.

  4. Was this light close or distant, in your opinion?

  5. Sue,

    I was not intending to put you down in any way, but merely stating it sounds very much like a lantern to me. They are often difficult to recognise, and don’t always follow a set course. I always look to the logical, earthly explanation; I did say, if you read, that ‘it sounds like’ one – I didn’t offer confirmation that it was.

  6. Why did you have your lights on when the car was parked? Wouldn’t the glare affect your ability to see the sky clearly?

  7. Who said the lights were on?

  8. We didnt have the lights on but the engine was running and the light in the sky was less than a mile away but about 100 meters up i thought it was like a street lamp in the distance that we just didnt notice but then it went really bright and then dimmed and then started moving about.i know it dosnt sound very exciting but it was strange.the way it was moving about.

  9. Hi sue,

    That’s an interesting sighting, and thank you for taking the time to report it.

    You’ll have to forgive the comments that you’ve recieved, it’s very frustrating when you seen something & people post
    the usual replys that just don’t fit with what you’ve seen.

    I’m interested in the side to side, up & down movement, could you say, was this in a small confined area?.

    When you lost sight of this object, could you tell us how
    you lost sight of it & did you get out of the car to try to locate it?

    Hi Gary,

    I’m gonna ask you to write a 1000 lines that say: “I must take more notice of what people say”. Sue said “..while watching this our lights on our car seemed to flash” Sue wasn’t watching this with the car lights on & I don’t believe the flash was from the cars lights!

  10. When it was moving side to side i would say it was moving a mile left to right but not straight its was moving in a slight arch shape and was ramdomly going up and down then it slowly lowered behind some trees in the distance.we tried to drive closer to find it but had no luck.what do you think the flash was from chris?

  11. Chris,

    A lot of this sighting conforms with a chinese lantern. Why is it not acceptable to point this out?

  12. Ahem! Point of order. Sue said the lights on her car flashed. If they were turned off, I assumed she would have said “flashed on and off”, indicating that the lights weren’t on in the first place. Do you get it now, Chris?

    Why don’t you believe the flash was from the car lights by the way? Do you think “they” were signalling or something?

    Incidentally, thanks for clearing that up, sue.

  13. Alan, so very droll as usual :D. Who said the lights were off? Heehee.

  14. No the lights wernt on but they seemed to flash sorry if that isnt the right way to say it.i dont see it being a chinese lantern as it was stationary for a while i was staring at it thinking i didnt see that street lamp over there before and then went really bright and then dulled down and then started moving about.would a chinese latern be that still in the sky?it was still for a couple of minutes i would say.i have found out last night that there has been sightings near kings lynn bout 40 mins away he had a similer video to what i saw afew nights before.

  15. Sue,

    A chinese lantern could easily be still in the sky.

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