Cheadle Hulme-21st August 2010

Location of Sighting: Cheadle Hulme
Date of Sighting: 21.08.11
Time: 22.16
Witness Name: Phillip Prescott

Witness Statement: yet again i see another. same place stood in my back garden looking at a very clear sky then i saw a faint light that was moving at the speed of a plane so i decided to follow it with my eyes. it was going slow then it flashed then carryed on then stpped, changed direction and moved out turning away from my house to the right but very high up then it went from the right down to the left picking up alot of speed then moved below my house roof where i could no longer see it. i`ve now seen a few sightings and this is the 2nd sighting that i have reported. exactly the same as the other but did not last as long and did not go as fast. no sound was there either. the first i reported was on 26th? 27th? july. the following morning a crop circle was found in wiltshire this plus more has left me thinking a hell of alot just what on earth is going on. i`ve even pulled my telescope out of the loft that i recieved many christmases ago. i will continue to look futher into things hoping to find an answer.


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Updated: August 23, 2011 — 9:00 pm

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  1. i wrote this report and i have found an explanation, it is some thing to do with my eyes but the other 2 sightings i reported on here i have no idea. for years i have never found any explanation

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