Chepstow, Mathern-30th June 2012

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Location of Sighting : Chepstow, Mathern
Date/Time of Sighting: 30,June, 2011, 01:15 AM
Witness Name: Rob

Witness Statement : I had a couple mates staying over and we went put the back for a smoke, we got the outside chairs out to sit on and while looking up my one mate said ”LOOK AT THAT” this was no satalitte or flare as it was a White star look alike which was moving through the sky pretty fast, no lights, just a bright White one, this light would zig zag and jolt about the sky, it flew infront of a normal star and seemed to knock the star flying! 15 minutes after that it produced a HUGE White flash in the sky as it vanished


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Updated: July 31, 2012 — 10:04 pm


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  1. This sighting was by me

  2. Came back from work. Every night got off the train and walked through the park. One night as I got to the bottom of the park there was a bright light. Lit everything up. This might be a man made light, as we are not that far off from the see.

    It seemed to happen every few minutes. Suddenly bright, then it was gone as soon as it appeared. I saw a person, and I couldn’t help but ask. “Did you see that bright light.” The person said yes and I asked what it was, but he didn’t know.

    What could this have been? Any ideas?

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