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Chesterfield-20th July 2010

Location of Sighting: chesterfield
Date of Sighting: 20 july 2010
Time: 22.00 hrs
Witness Name: stuart

Witness Statement: around 20.00 hrs on the Saturday 24th july while laid on my bed looking through my window i noticed 1 bright light (yellow) in the distance then another one appear by this time i got out of bed and dressed and there was about six or seven of these objects all travelling in formation the profile of these were like a triangle shape with a curved front with this very bright yellow light coming from behind them.I went out side to the front of my house and has they came over still in formation i took some photographs there were no noise at all, just in this formation they they went over to the right of my house as to the centre of chesterfield when one hovered and the rest just disappeared then i noticed from my left another one of these objects appeared and seem to directly go to the one which was hovering and as soon as they joined together they dissapeared into the night all this time there was no sound just these objects in formation with this very bright yellow light from the rear of them. in my honest oppinion these coud not have been ‘Chinese Lanterns’ reason i say that is they were flying in to much of a controlled formation and with the one hovering and another coming from a differant angle.


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Updated: August 23, 2010 — 7:16 pm

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  1. I live in Chesterfield, as do many of my relatives. My aunt mentioned seeing some unidentifyable objects in the sky at some point this year, perhaps this was the same thing? From what she said about them, this sounds like it could be the same thing

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