Chevron Formation of Lights-North Birmingham-22nd October 2019

Location Of Sighting :
North Birmingham
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
Paul S
Witness Statement
UFO sighting 22 October 10.25
This is about the strange experience I had last night. Put simply I went out to look at the meteor shower that was supposed to happen last night as I love shooting stars. I did however see UFO and afterwards wrote down all I saw immediately after the event mainly because twenty years ago I saw a UFO but failed to write about what I saw and made a promise to myself if anything happened again like this I would write it down with times and a description and time line and where it came from and went to so that in the future I would not doubt myself about what I observed.Here is my true story as I see it using the notes and drawings I made within 10 minutes of the UFO disappearing. I do know others will find this all hard to believe but I do not care I know what I saw. I saw an unidentified flying object in the night sky the object was made of small white lights in the shape of a 2 d chevron which I drew 2 minutes after the sighting.

Before the event and weather conditions

I was watching UEFA on BT sport and decided to go onto my patio to watch for shooting stars I paused the television, put on a coat, hat and gloves as it was a cold clear night. I also moved a patiio chair to a good position to maximise the amount of night sky I could see. I also put the back of the chair into a reclining position so I would be comfortable I did think about my binoculars but decided not to use them because shooting stars come and go so quickly you could blink and miss them and binoculars are only useful in a small area of sky and also seeing a shooting star live is wonderous. The patio was dark as no lights were shinning from either of my neighbours houses or from mine as the curtains were drawn and the kitchen light was off. As mentioned the sky was clear but in patches there was a hazy very light mist high in the atmosphere which gave a dull red glow which is to be expected as I live north of Birmingham and the light pollution is always there. I was confident I would see any shooting stars especially in the north where there is countryside. I set the chair in a position facing north by north east which I have now checked with a digital compass.

The Event
I settled down in the chair scanning the night sky hoping to see the shooting stars and waiting for my eyes to get their night vision which took about 6 to 8 minutes I must admit I was a bit disappointed that no shootings stars appeared. Then as I turned my head slightly to the right I saw the lights moving through the sky in a perfect chevron shape Although my drawing shows lines the shape was outlined in small dot like lights with a couple of gaps in the right wing of the chevron. MY feeling at the time was is it real so I shut my eyes and opened them the shape was still there and moving in the same direction. I then slapped my face but it was still there moving in a northerly direction by this time I was sitting up. I then stood and walked nearer my fence up looking up as the shape was moving away, again I squeezed my eyes shut and when I opened them it was still moving away then after a couple of seconds it just faded away. I was left with my mouth wide open wondering what had I just wittnessed. I must admit I was delighted that I had seen a UFO.I then rushed in the house found a pen and book and made a rough drawing of the shape I saw. I then scribbled notes about the experience which you have now read. My notes were very scrappy and I will keep them.I then sat down reflecting on what I had just seen and narrowed it down to two possibilities. The first one is it was man made, maybe an experimental stealth aircraft if so wow. The second it was a extraterestial craft. What I can’t reconcile why were the lights left on I do not think a craft from many light years away would leave the lights on for people to see. I did laugh to myself trying to envision the commander giving someone a bollocking for leaving the lights on. I am certain it was not an illusion


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  1. RAF Coningsby Typhoons were night flying on that date. It’s possible you saw three in formation.

  2. that sounds plausible

  3. This sounds more reasonable than a space craft I am just happy now that I was not hallucinating, but there were way more than 3 jets I reckon 7 or eight looking back in my notes I wrote I could see night sky between the lights. I have never seen jets in the day or night flying in formation over Birmingham and it never crossed my mind, mystery solved but they were beautiful in perfect alignment.

  4. I wouldn’t take that as problem solved Paul. It’s merely a suggestion. The most I’ve ever known the RAF to fly in formation on regular exercises is 4 – usually 2 or 3 – so I’d doubt there would have been 7 together.

  5. Typhoons don’t fly silent. They don’t hang about long enough to close your eyes several ties and still spot them. They fly over our house often, we live in Lincs! They are very noisy, day or night, you’d notice it more less traffic at night but unmistakably Typhoons noise identifies Jets and not something you are unsure of. You really have a matter of seconds to spot them at all. You hear them, you look up in the direction you think it is and IF YOU ARE LUCKY you spot them disappearing fast in the distance. This event described does NOT seem at all to be Jets. Yes they fly 2-3 at ost 4 if something special going on but often just in pairs. Now that doesn’t sound like the description does it, most people know Jets even if you don’t see them too often.

  6. Goahaead, great name! I too live in Lincs. They’re very noisy here as they tend to be low. High, you barely hear them. I don’t think this was a whole load of Typhoons; I think possibly two or three. I also think it most likely something else entirely. The problem with suggestions such as ‘most people know Jets even if you don’t see them too often’ and this sighting is that he didn’t see jets. He didn’t see a physical object. He saw a shape, defined by lights. (For the record, it’s not unusual at all – i.e. it doesn’t take ‘something special’ – for Typhoons to form a 4-ship. We see it every day.

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