Location of Sighting: Chislehurst
Date of Sighting: 1991
Time: Early evening
Witness Name: David Hughes-Narborough

Witness Statement: I went outside to my garage to get a tool, and notiiced something moving in the corner of my eye which at first I thought could be a bat. So I turned to have a look, I saw a large oval shaped object over Scadbury Park area, the top half orange and lower section blue. There was a row of circular windows across the middle and a red pulsating light underneath. It was translucent and flew like an insect, my mind was saying that it was an insect as I had never seen anything that large move in such a way.

It suddenly darted in a straight line from right to left (Sidcup area) at an incredible speed, around a mile in distance and came to a sudden stop. It gradually became brighter and then solid as I could no longer see through it, and as it continued to get brighter it reached a point where it flashed brilliantly and disappeared entirely.


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  1. T. Wood,

    I know I constantly answer you, but I’m trying to get a point across; you respond to my point with post that all but begins:

    “evidence of inter-dimensional travel is anecdotal and circumstantial,”

    …which is my point. You then add that is reported by

    “witness accounts by people who have experienced it.”
    That should, I’m sure you’re aware, read:

    “witness accounts by people who claim to have experienced it.”

    I wonder why it is, also, that you assume you’re the only one who is aware of Cayce, Tudor-Pole, Morehouse etc? Is it your belief that, having read such, you must believe it? I’ve been interested in the occult, in UFO’s, in the powers of teh mind, in astral travel, in remote viewing, and so on, and so on, for decades (I suspect I’m somewhat older than you) and have read copious accounts, as well as having help a series of comprehensive interviews with people on various subjects. I’m not dismissing the possibility of – for example – astral travel, I’m pointing out a distinct lack of any evidence. Bar, of course, the anecdotal stuff you mention. You believe in what you want to believe in.

    let’s take remote viewing, for example: it’s nonsense; in all examples where genuine research has been conducted, nothing has been returned that wasn’t possible by lucky guesses. This is the same with many so called ‘paranormal’ experiences. I’m not saying dismiss it all out of hand, just look at both sides of the coin – something you seem unable to do.

  2. Ive never searched sightings of UFO in Chislhurst but tonight i thought i wonder. Me and my daughter saw a UFO in the 90s. She saw it first and came and for me. I honestly couldn’t believe what i was seeing. It was sureal. It was massive travelling quite fast to the left of our house. It wasn’t translucent but a solid object with windows all around and it was travelling toward the woods but whose to say it didnt turn toward Scadbury when it disppeared from view. Its such a weird feeling when you see something that you cant believe is real but there it is in front of you. I will never forget it. I came across a program on TV about UFOs in Scotland and thats what made me Google the date and see i because I can’t believe noone saw it apart fro me amd my daughter

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